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Canva launches a document and website creator, a host of new features

SYDNEY, Australia – Online design platform Canva on Wednesday, September 14 launched a suite of new products and features, including documents and a website builder, making it easier to create visual content for people with little or no experience in graphic design or programming.

Canva launched the new Visual Worksuite at an event in Sydney that Rappler was invited to attend.

Canva President and CEO Melanie Perkins told a press briefing that the product line meets demand for more visual content and new ways to present information.

“We have seen a rapid change in visual communications. Before, it was very heavy in words, very heavy in text… but journalists now have to create a lot of visuals in their articles; sales also need a lot more photos. Every profession and industry is becoming more and more visual, and consumers know very well what companies are really trying to capture their attention with in a high-noise environment,” Perkins said.

Canva COO Cliff Obrecht, who was previously a teacher, said the new visual suite also addresses the need for teachers and other knowledge workers to get messages across better.

“All knowledge workers now need to have what we call visual knowledge, which is the ability to create basic visuals to be able to communicate an idea with quick presentations and videos to brainstorm with your crew. It becomes a basic skill,” Obrecht said.

Products and features

Canva docs

With this feature of the Canva platform, users can now easily embed a presentation, social post, chart, or illustration into a document.

It also contains Canva charts and graphs in Docs, giving users more flexibility in presenting data.

Charts from Flourish, a data visualization company recently acquired by Canva, can also be seamlessly embedded into documents and other formats.

Drag-and-drop functionality allows users to access Canva’s content library with over 100 million videos, GIFs, photos, and illustrations. The document can be turned into a presentation with just a few clicks. All the design formatting and layout is also handled by the platform.

By simply pressing “/” on the keyboard, users can search for tables, videos, images and emojis.

Canva Websites

Website Builder gives users with little or no experience designing and building websites the ability to create a website in minutes.

The website is both mobile and desktop responsive.

The platform also guides users in choosing and buying domains.

A website insights tool is also available for Canva Pro users, allowing them to track traffic, trends, and other engagement metrics.

There are around 100 designer created templates and users can simply drag and drop content.

Canva whiteboards

Collaboration within the Canva platform is now easier with Whiteboards, where teams can collaborate in presentations and easily align organizational strategies.

A timer can also be set for brainstorming sessions. The timer will sync with everyone working on the presentation.

Cursors are also colored differently per user and comments can be included, so teammates don’t get lost in the “infinite web”.

Video on canvas

The Canva platform’s video features also get an upgrade, including a video background removal tool. Users no longer need a green screen or advanced software to remove the background.

Users also now have access to advanced animation controls, where speed, style, direction and transitions can be manipulated directly in the editor.

Users can also choose from hundreds of videos and audio tracks in Canva’s free library.

Presentations on Canvas

Presentations now feature a drag-and-drop video timeline that allows users to more easily time animations, audio tracks, and transitions, making presentations more cinematic.

If presenting the same content repeatedly, Canva now has a talking presentations feature, which allows recording videos that can be sped up or slowed down. The Record Yourself feature also allows viewers to react to sections of the presentation using emojis as they go.

Canva Presentations works seamlessly with Flourish, making data presentations more meaningful to audiences.

Canvas Print

For users in the United States and Canada, prints made from the Canva platform can now be delivered for free or picked up at various pick-up points.

This feature allows users to have a physical copy of their digital designs for marketing materials, apparel, signs, and invitations, among others.

Canva said that for every print order, they plant a tree at more than 18 locations in Kenya, Mozambique, the Philippines, Tanzania, Brazil, Haiti, Madagascar and the United States.