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Celebrate Attack On Titan Maker Wit Studio’s 10th Anniversary With These 10 Anime

Today marks the tenth anniversary of With studiothe anime production company which, along with The attack of the Titans, quickly established itself as a powerhouse in the anime industry. However, Wit’s great work extends beyond the walls of his anime adaptation of AoT. Wit is also the driving force behind some great anime adaptations of lesser-known manga, alongside the studio’s unique original anime series. If you wanted to dive into Wit Studio’s anime catalog to celebrate the occasion, realistically, you wouldn’t have enough time given that the studio released an impressive 68 shows over the decade of its existence. But never fear, I’ve whittled down Wit Studio’s catalog to a shortlist of ten anime you should watch.

The attack of the Titans

The attack of the Titans is arguably the anime that made Wit Studio a household name for anime fans, and for good reason. Unless you’ve managed to dodge nine years of online anime community chatter that would put game of thrones‘fandom to shame, chances are The attack of the Titans has permeated your circles in one form or another, whether through cosplays, Humorous sketches on YouTubeor under its banger opening theme song.

As the anime’s final season is handled by equally busy and godlike studio MAPPA, it’s important to remember where Eren Yeager’s tumultuous journey of militant espionage, bloody battles against towering titans, and wonderfully animated 3D sakuga scenes (especially in season 3) started. You can verify The attack of the Titans on Hulu, netflixand Crunchyroll.

After the rain

Not all anime involves explosive fight scenes and high-octane action. Sometimes love takes center stage, just like in Wit Studio’s Slice of Life anime, After the rain. After seriously injuring his foot, former track and field star Akira Tachibana works part-time in a cafe. This is where she unexpectedly begins to fall in love with her kind, and noticeably older, manager, Masami Kondo. As the two grow closer, Akira finds the resolve to confess his feelings to Masami. If you want to know how it goes, you can catch After the rain on Amazon Prime Video.

The Bride of the Ancient Magus

The Magus’ Former Wife is a slice-of-life fantasy anime that follows Chise Hatori, an orphaned high school girl who (bear with me here) is auctioning off for a home in London. The person who ends up providing accommodation is a seven-foot-tall guy with an animal skull for a head, named Elias Ainsworth. It turns out that Elias is also a mage, essentially an all-powerful wizard, whose goal is to free Chise from her life of abuse and neglect and take her on as his apprentice and wife. You can look The Bride of the Ancient Magus on Crunchyroll.


In this post-apocalyptic animated film, a cosmic explosion makes the city of Tokyo inhospitable with gravity-defying bubbles. But in this chaos, Hibiki, a free-running prodigy, takes part in a series of mirror edge– parkour tournaments. After being rescued by a mysterious girl named Uta, Hibiki and her savior form a close bond and uncover the mystery behind their bubble-infested world. You can look Bubble on Netflix.

good suitor

good suitor is a mystery series that follows Makoto Edamura, a young pickpocket who suddenly finds himself among a gang of international crooks. Throughout the show, Edamura and company pull off increasingly elaborate and difficult heists around the world. good suitor is a highly stylized heist anime with the frenetic energy of the classic Lupine the Third and a cast of characters as cool as the oceans movies, while also presenting the unique story of how Makoto comes to be his own in the crime-filled world he inhabits. He also has an outing that kicks ass. You can look good suitor on Netflix.

Ranking of kings

The anime featuring the best boy of the year shouldn’t need any introduction, but for those who don’t know Ranking of kingshere is the truth. Ranking of kings follows Boji, a deaf and dumb young prince, who is usurped from the throne by his able-bodied older brother. But Boji isn’t letting this setback deter him. On his journey, the “useless prince” befriends many of his detractors while overcoming his own fears in a bid to become the greatest king in all the land. You can look Ranking of kings on Crunchyroll.

vampire in the garden

In vampire in the garden, humanity finds itself on the losing side in its war against the vampires. Trapped in this endless war, a young girl named Momo and a desperate vampire queen named Fine dream of a world without senseless bloodshed. After a chance meeting, the two embark on a perilous journey in search of a paradise where vampires and humans can coexist. You can look vampire in the garden on Netflix.

Vinland Saga

Without doubt my favorite series at the moment, Vinland Saga is a historical seinen action-drama anime that follows a young Viking mercenary named Thorfinn. As he fights in the war between the English and the Danes, Thorfinn fights to avenge his father and to find the land of peace his father once coveted, called Vinland. If you are a fan of The man from the northchances are you like Vinland Saga. Don’t sleep on Thorfinn. You can verify Vinland Saga on Amazon Prime.

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is a sci-fi anime set in the not-too-distant future of 2060, where humanity has replaced its working class with a humanoid AI. The anime follows Vivy, a blue-haired AI idol whose goal is to reach people’s hearts with her voice. Unfortunately, his dream takes a back seat after an AI 100 years in the future enlists his help to prevent a war between humanity and a slew of rogue AIs. You can verify Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song on Funimation.

Spy x Family

Last, but definitely not least, we come to the action comedy series Spy x Family. If found families kicking ass are your thing, Spy x Family is your jam. Spy x Family follows Loid, a super spy tasked with preventing conflicts between nations from erupting into all-out war. In order to prevent this cataclysmic event, Loid must infiltrate a prestigious school and curry favor with a politician’s son. To do this, Loid assembles a fake family, who, unbeknownst to him, each have their own secrets. Chief among them, his wife leads a double life as a deadly assassin, and his daughter has the ability to read minds.

Although this show is the newest in Wit Studio’s lineup, it has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in the short time it aired. Spy x Family was the best-selling manga in japan in april, highest rated anime on My Anime Listand the most streamed show on Japanese Netflixto beat stranger things season 4 while only having eight episodes at the time of publication. You can verify Spy x Family on Crunchyroll.