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HENDERSON, Nev., October 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Hundreds of guests have joined Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Nitin J. Engineer on Saturday to celebrate the inauguration of its namesake center of plastic surgery and aesthetics.

Dr.Engineer’s flagship facility, the Institute of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Med Spa, is home to a surgical center and a non-surgical medical spa that together offer everything from facelifts to fillers.

Nominated by Real Vegas Readers as one of the greatest medical minds of 2021, Engineer is an accredited, scholarship-trained plastic surgeon who specializes in facial and body plastic surgery and reconstructive cosmetic surgery. He is also the Founder, CEO and Principal Surgeon of the brand new Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Institute.

Engineer opened his first factory in Las Vegas to January 17, 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic. Vegas strong, he and his team weathered this storm while putting patient safety first.

After a period of personal reflection unlike any other for many patients, not to mention back-to-back virtual video conferencing calls as the business moved into personal residences across the state, Dr. The Engineer discovered a desire significantly increased patients for even more personal cosmetic treatments.

Covid has put a key in the works, he says. “But you have to think about it in a positive way. You have to think about everything that came out of it. It really slowed me down and asked myself, “How am I going to structure this new practice? “And really a lot of work behind the scenes,” he said.

“Everything we have done for our patients, our patient education, structure, infrastructure and our practice has been very well calculated and very well thought out. And the services and products that we provide to this community are much higher now. “

After years of construction, Engineer’s new facility marks the fulfillment of a long-standing goal as well as the start of the next chapter to help its patients look as good and as young as they feel. inside.

“Vegas Baby! I received the full red carpet treatment as I was greeted on the #EmsculptNeo bus by Dr. Nitin Engineer to celebrate the unveiling of his Engineered Aesthetics,” shared the actress, model and singer Carmen Electra on Instagram. Electra espoused her love for two specific procedures offered by Engineered Aesthetics: Emsculpt and Emsella, which use radio frequency energy to burn fat and build muscle safely, “even while enjoying a small treat!”

Here is to help thousands of more patients let their light shine and become the beauty they see in themselves.


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