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Character Key & Peele Still Can’t Say Names in Paramount + Promo

Keegan-Michael Key is bringing the famous substitute teacher Key & Peele skit to life for a new Paramount+ promo, because Mr Garvey still can’t pronounce the names.

Keegan-Michael Key revives the famous Key and Peele Substitute teacher sketch for a new Paramount+ promo. The Emmy-winning sketch comedy series created by Key and Jordan Peele ran for five seasons and 53 episodes on Comedy Central before fading away. During its relatively short run from 2012 to 2015, one of the show’s most popular sketches featured Key as inner-city substitute teacher Mr. Garvey, who repeatedly and hilariously pronounces the names of his white students while taking part in the hearing.


The iconic Key and Peele The substitute teacher sketch has been revived for a new Paramount+ promo. Set atop Paramount Mountain, the promo video sees Key return as Mrs. Garvey to repeatedly witness and speak the names of some of Paramount’s most popular animated characters, including Blaze, Big Nate, Blue, Krumm, Dora. and Bumblebee. The Paramount+ promo ends with a callback to the original sketch as Ms. Garvey calls out the name “AA-Ron,” but this time, Los Angeles Rams superstar defensive lineman Aaron Donald is there to answer. Watch the new promo below:

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What are the chances of a Key & Peele revival?

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The key to returning to the Mr. Garvey character from the iconic substitute teacher sketch is sure to get fans excited about a possible Key and Peele the comeback. However, currently the chances of a reboot seem slim. Key recently spoke about the chances of a Key and Peele revival, saying that while it’s something he and Peele have been thinking about, it’s not something that’s a priority for either of them right now.

This is understandable, given that Key and Peele have enjoyed successful solo careers since their hit sketch comedy streak ended. Peele reinvented the horror genre with the trifecta of get out, Weand Nope. Right now, the top filmmaker is probably working on another horror masterpiece. He also frequently produces projects through his Monkeypaw Productions banner. Peele is so busy he hasn’t even found time to return to the Paramount+ promo alongside Key, let alone a real one. Key and Peele the comeback.

On the other hand, Key is a highly sought-after comedic talent and voice actor, who has recently starred in a plethora of live-action and animated projects. It is both exciting for Key and Peele fans that both stars have had successful careers beyond their comedy sketch series. It’s disappointing that they’re not coming back soon for a revival. In the meantime, the public can review Key and Peele seasons 1 and 2, currently streaming on Prime Video.

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