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Chime Review 2022: Pros, Cons and Alternatives review

Chime Review: Verification and Savings

Chime offers checking accounts and savings accounts that are perfect for anyone looking to maximize their savings rates and the interest earned on these accounts. There are countless features you can access with the Chime checking account to help you increase your savings, although you cannot open a savings account with them until you have one of their accounts. currents. Overall, they have no minimum balance requirement and offer an annual percentage return (APY) of 1.50% on all deposits in their savings account.

What is the chime? How it works?

Chime is an online-only fintech company, not a bank, that offers checking and savings accounts through its banking partners. Their accounts are FDIC insured, so they are a safe place to store your money just like with any other bank or credit union, even though they are different from a traditional bank. One of their main savings features is that the app can round up each purchase to the nearest dollar, thus saving the rest. However, there are limits to depositing cash into your accounts and you may pay high cash deposit fees.

Advantages of Chime Com

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of having a savings or checking account with Chime.

Free Overdraft with SpotMe: Up to $200 on Debit Card Purchases

One of the main advantages of Chime is that it does not charge overdraft fees. All eligible customers can overdraw up to $20, and later may be eligible to make debit card purchases that would cause them to overdraw $200 with their SpotMe program. This requires a single qualifying direct deposit of $200 to use.

Get paid sooner

On qualifying direct deposits, you can get paid up to two days early in your Chime checking account. This can be a great way for customers to access their paychecks without waiting for payday. When customers will have access to direct deposit funds depends on when the payment provider scheduled the payment.

Stay in control with alerts

In the Chime mobile app, customers can take advantage of real-time transaction alerts to help them track their spending and monitor their finances in their Chime account.

The new way to build credit

With the Chime credit card, customers can monitor their credit and improve their scores with all three major credit bureaus. People with low or no credit can use this card to make daily purchases to increase their score through regular, one-time payments with the card.

Chime Review: Features and Price

Here are some of the key features and pricing details for banking with Chime.

Current account

The checking account offered by Chime has many great features, including no monthly maintenance fees, SpotMe overdraft protection of up to $200, peer-to-peer payment transfers like the Cash app, and a 1.5% annual percentage yield (APY) on deposits. in their savings account.

Additionally, customers with a Chime checking account pay no foreign transaction fees and can be paid up to two days before the scheduled payment date on eligible direct deposits. Customers can open a Chime Visa debit card from this spending account to use for everyday purchases.

credit creator

The Credit Builder Secure Account Visa card offered by Chime is a great way for customers to improve their credit. For customers who constantly worry about what their credit score looks like, it gives them access to tools to improve their scores for a future credit check. There is no interest or annual fees on this card, and there is no credit check to apply. Simply transfer money to the corresponding account, and cash charges will constitute a credit limit for the card as it is not based on customer history.

Chime High Yield Savings Account

The Chime Savings Account has an excellent annual return of 1.5% on all deposits. These accounts are managed by Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, but can be accessed through the Chime app for account management. In addition, no minimum balance is required.

Quick introduction to the chime

Even though Chime is not a bankthere are many reasons why you would use their services.


Best Overall Value

  • Credit builder account
  • High Yield Savings Account
  • No charges

Open account

Customer Feedback

Chime has very good reviews with customers on Trustpilot. Let’s take a look at what some of their customers have to say.

They are shady in their case details, they do NOT handle scams effectively, and they left ROOM for fraud. OVERALL HORRIBLE.


I have had many mobile banks and the chime is by far the best I have ever had.


Chime has been a good bank for me. Service and staff are always polite and helpful in resolving any issues that arise.


Every request I made was handled quickly and courteously. Chime delivered beautifully! I highly recommend it to everyone.


Chime Service Review

Chime review

Chime Notice

Price and overall value 80%
cost value 80%
Customer service 80%
Ease of use 90%
Features included 80%

Let’s take a last look at whether Chime is right for you.

Is chime right for you?

Chime is an online financial technology company that offers banking services through its two partner banks, Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank NA. For someone looking for good savings rates and doesn’t need to make a lot of cash deposits, Chime might be a great choice for you. Their Chime checking account and savings account come with great features to help you save, and can be easily accessed and managed within the app.

cost value

Chime doesn’t charge monthly fees or overdrafts, so it’s a great option for anyone looking for a cost-effective banking solution that still includes many of the big-bank features. Also, they don’t have a minimum deposit requirement on their accounts, so it’s very accessible to everyone.

Customer service

Chime offers multiple ways for customers to connect with them, including 24/7 in the app or via email. Additionally, they also offer phone support for anyone having a problem with their bank account or debit card who wants to speak to a representative.

Ease of use

Chime is very easy to use, and all features such as accessing direct deposit funds and accessing eligible direct deposit up to two days in advance can all happen within the app. It’s easy to open accounts online with no minimum balance required and view your bank account balances 24/7. Plus, it’s easy to mobile deposit a check within the app, and you can set up your accounts to pay bills, record an automatic percentage of each direct deposit, and more.

Features included

There are many great features when banking with Chime. On their checking account, customers can quickly access direct deposit funds up to two days earlier on an eligible direct deposit. Plus, there are no monthly fees, up to $200 of SpotMe overdraft protection, and access to the credit builder’s Visa card. Chime’s savings account generates a high annual percentage return, and there are countless other amazing features on the app to help you manage your finances.


Like other online banks, Chime offers excellent digital banking services through its partner banks. With the Chime Credit Generator, customers with low or no credit can help boost their score with regular, on-time payments, access direct deposits up to two days earlier, and enjoy lower interest high on their savings.

2 Best Chime Alternatives

Axos Bank:

Axos is a fully digital online bank. They don’t have digital branches, although they are one of the best and offer consumer and business services. They offer great services and an easy to navigate platform, although there are better APY deals with other banks.

Allied Bank:

Ally Bank offers online-only services, offering accounts with high interest rates and low fees. They are known for their excellent customer service and are a good choice for banking customers who don’t need access to a physical branch.


Overall, Chime is a good option for an online bank for consumers who don’t need branch banking. They offer great ways to save and a great way to build credit for those who need it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the connection between Stride Bank, NA and Chime?

Chime uses two different banks to provide their banking services, so customers may notice Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank NA listed on their account details and direct deposits.

Does Chime offer a check book?

Although they don’t offer checkbooks to customers, you can send Chime checkbook transactions to anyone anytime, initiated in the app.

Does Chime send a monthly statement?

You can view a member’s Chime account history for each month online.

Can you send ACH bank transfers from your Chime spending account?

Yes, you can send a transfer through the Automated Clearing House from your Chime account.

Does Chime offer money market accounts?

No, it does not offer a money market account, just a high yield savings account.