Della Chippewa-Sapulpa . . .

. . . has drawn caricatures of

B.B. KingB.B. King

Eric ClaptonEric Clapton

Buddy GuyBuddy Guy

Dr. JohnDr. Johnand

Eric Burdon, Denise LaSalle, Sonny Rhodes,
Buckwheat Zydeco, and dozens more musicians,
actors, politicians, media types, and other celebrities.

Ask about her latest portfolio. Others caricatured on request.

Don't worry about the rates! They're negotiable!

Della Chippewa-Sapulpa

You can reach Della at:

Chippewa Vision Art
9168 E. Newton Place
Tulsa, OK 74115

Phone: (918) 834-7472
Fax: (918) 834-2707
Pager: (918) 690-3613

and tell them The Blue Highway sent you!

For more information, e-mail
Della Chippewa-Sapulpa at

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