Blues Radio in Colorado . . .

KSPN-FM 103.1
Blue Plate Special
Ginger Anne
Mon-Fri 11 am

KBCO-FM 97.3
Blues From The Red Rooster Lounge
Cary Wolfson
Sun 9-10 pm

KBVI-AM 1490
Blues Town Radio
David McIntyre
Sat 6-9 pm

KGNU-FM 88.5
Jazz and Beyond
Bill Nyerges 1st and 3rd week
Lamar Simms 2nd and 4th week
Tue 9 pm-midnight

KGNU-FM 88.5
Blues Legacy
Bill Nyerges 1st and 5th week
Downtown Brown 2nd week
Eric W. 3rd week
The Blues Barrister 4th week
Fri 6-9 pm

KDNK-FM 90.5 and 88.3
The Bubba Show
Bubba Flemington
Sat noon-2 pm

Colorado Springs
KRCC-FM 91.5
Blue Plate Special
Jeff Bieri/Thos Lesser
Mon-Fri noon-1 pm

KUVO-FM 89.3
All Blues
Sammy Mayfield
Sat 5-7 pm

KUVO-FM 89.3
The R&B; Jukebox
Rolando Garcia
Sat 7-9 pm

KRFX-FM 103.5
Strictly Blues
Kai Turner
Sun 7-9 pm

Fort Collins
KRFC-FM 88.9
House Rent Party
Jeff Koepke
every other Thu 10:30 pm-1 am

Grand Junction
KAFM-FM 88.1
Bluesday Laboratory
The Soulman
Tue 1-3:30 pm

KAFM-FM 88.1
Blues Injection
Mickey the K
Thu 9 am-noon

KAFM-FM 88.1
Friday Night Blues Session
Fri 9 pm-3 am

KUNC-FM 91.5
Beale Street Caravan
Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love
Sat 8-9 pm

KUNC-FM 91.5
Nine O'Clock Blues
Marc Applegate
Sat 9-10 pm

KSUT-FM 91.3
Various hosts
Daily 8-10 pm

Steamboat Springs
KFMU-FM 104.1 and 105.5
Blues Vibe
Erica Swissler
Wed 8-9 pm

KFMU-FM 104.1 and 105.5
House of Blues Radio Hour
Dan Ackroyd
Sat 7-8 pm

KOTO-FM 91.7
Gumby Live
Steve Gumble
Thu 1-3 pm

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