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Consumer Reports recommends 5 gas apps to save money at the pump

Thanks to high gas prices, daily driving is much more expensive than before. Now, more than ever, find the cheapest places to refuel, improve fuel consumption, and identifying ways to save money at the pump are essential. that’s why consumer reports has compiled a list of free gas apps to help you improve fuel economy. From identifying inexpensive fuel to planning fuel-efficient car trips, these apps are worth checking out.

1. GasBuddy

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If you want to locate the cheapest gas stations and find exclusive offers, points and savings, check out GasBuddy.

Plus, you can redeem your everyday purchases for free fuel with GasBuddy’s No Credit Check Card. Using the card can save you up to 25 cents per gallon, consumer reports Explain.

Plus, the app’s list of free tools comes in handy on the go. They include gas price charts, price maps, fuel demand metrics, fuel information, outage trackers, and a fuel logbook to help you stay organized.

You can even explore other amenities at each gas station, including restrooms and ATM availability.


A gas station displays high gas prices on March 25, 2022 in Los Angeles | Mario Tama/Getty Images

Consumer Reports also suggests AAA free app. It’s a must-have when planning long trips to help you locate the cheapest gas stations on your route. Other app features include fuel cards, driving directions, and AAA member discounts for other services.

3. Gas Guru

iPhone users should check the App Store for gas guru. This free mobile app finds the cheapest gas available based on your location. You can also change the settings to search fuel grades and sort results by distance or price.

You can even get more detailed information about each gas station before deciding where you want to refuel. However, this app is only available in the App Store.

4.Google Maps

If you’re stuck, use your mobile device to view Google Maps. While great for real-time traffic alerts and turn-by-turn directions, Google Maps also provides nearby gas prices. You can do a quick search of gas stations around you, pick the cheapest one, and get directions to the pump.


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Like Google Maps, Waze is another mobile app for quick and easy directions. But you can also plot a course to find the cheapest gas prices.

In the application interface, the gas station option is available just below the search bar. Once you click on the gas pump icon, the map will populate with nearby stations, including their current fuel prices. Selecting the gear icon will change the view to a list. From there, you can pick a station and chart your course to cheaper gas.

Fuel economy and gas prices are important to drivers these days. So check out the Consumer Reports recommended apps above to help you save money. Find the cheapest gas stations near you and plan your trips wisely this summer. Every penny you can save at the pump or every cash back you can earn will quickly add up and help you more than you think.

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