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Consumer streaming habits in 2021 have shifted towards action, adventure and thrillers

In a massive analysis of SVOD movie catalogs and consumer habits, a new report from Reelgood shows that consumer streaming habits for movies have shifted towards action-adventure movies and thrillers, but that these increasingly popular genres have actually declined as a percentage of SVOD catalogs.

The report also revealed that SVOD gamers were adding documentary, animated and family films while opting out of darker genres like horror, drama, action and adventure and thriller in their catalogs.

This has led to a noticeable disconnect between changing consumer demand and catalogs, Reelgood reported.

Their data shows that Drama had the largest drop in movie streaming (down 3.4 share points in the three months ending November 30, 2021), followed by Family (down 1.1 pp), Documentary (down 1%), LGBTQ (down 0.6 pp), and Animation (0.4 pp).

Documentary, family, and animation, however, all grew as a share of SVOD film catalogs.

Meanwhile, Action & Adventure, which lost 1.5 points of share in US SVOD movie catalogs, gained 3.0 points of streaming share in the three-month period ending on November 30, 2021. Similarly Thrillers, which fell 1.4 share points in terms of SVOD movie catalogs, gained 1.0 share points in terms of movie streaming.

Other genres showing an increased share of SVOD movie streaming were Mystery (up 1.8 share points), Sci-Fi (up 1.6 share points), Comedy (up 1 .5 split points).

These trends were “a total of 180 since the start of last year when viewing of these types of content trended in the opposite direction at the start of the pandemic,” the Reelgood report notes.

The trends highlight an opportunity for SVOD gamers to capitalize on consumer trends by leveraging increasingly popular genres like action and adventure, according to the report.

In terms of action-adventure film genre, Prime Video has the largest catalog, followed by Netflix, Paramount+, Epix Now and HBO Max.

But HBO Max had the most action-adventure movies streaming among SVODs, followed by Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Hulu.

Prime Video had the largest catalog of movies of any genre, followed by Netflix, Fandor, HBO Max, and HBO.

For more data and the full report, visit here.