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Create your own game with this video game creation set

If you consider yourself a video game connoisseur, then you’ve probably tossed around the idea of ​​creating and playing your own game one day. While playing the tried-and-true classics on systems like PlayStationXbox and Nintendo offer countless hours of fun, there are only so many times you can play a game before it starts to fade or become repetitive.

If you’re ready to try making and playing your own game, look no further than The Complete GameCreators Mega Maker Pack. For a limited time, it’s available at a discounted price of $79.99. That’s a savings of 82% off its MSRP ($454).

Fourteen items are included in this lot. Individually, they range from $99.99 to $19.99. GameGuru has packed 10 game creation kits and programs in this creator’s pack. Two megapacks include a plethora of game-ready entities, including buildings, foliage, animated decals, gothic fixtures, dungeon parts, and many more items to choose from when creating settings and landscapes for your created games.

For those who love military-style games, the megapack 3 option comes with over 400 game-ready resources such as war-torn buildings, ruins, industrial machinery and more.

There is also a military pack which includes 3D assets. The Antiques in the Attic pack gives your games an old style feel with grandfather clock parts, old bottles, cat cage parts, chairs, books, among other items.

For those who love sci-fi games, the Sci-Fi Mission to Mars Pack includes hundreds of creative opportunities with over 200 entities. An AppGameKit Studio is also included which allows you to publish your most popular game creations on platforms such as Steam and on iOS and Android hosting platforms.

If you’re a gamer, look no further than this pack that lets you create the perfect game. The possibilities are endless, as are the fun times it will provide. Buy the full GameCreators Mega Maker Pack for $19.99 today.

Prices subject to change.