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Daniel Radcliffe’s 10 Best Non-Harry Potter Movies, According To Ranker

Daniel Radcliffe is perhaps best known for his performance as the titular protagonist of the Harry Potter franchise, but his career has since taken a much more diverse and intriguing turn. From indie dramas to studio blockbusters, the actor has proven time and time again that he’s capable of any project thrown his way.

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Although he started his career as a successful child actor, Radcliffe is clearly trying to steer his career in a more unique direction through his involvement in several unusual and unorthodox movies. He clearly has fun with every project he takes on, which shows through his many entertaining performances.

ten Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. Reverend (2020)

Kimmy Schmidt Daniel Radcliffe

Based on the Netflix comedy show, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt The film follows the titular character as she embarks on an adventure across three states to foil an evil reverend’s dangerous plot. The film takes a unique approach to storytelling, as it allows the viewer to choose how the narrative unfolds through a selection of possible choices.

In a new character exclusive to this cinematic special, Daniel Radcliffe plays Prince Frederick, Kimmy’s fiancé and member of the British royal family. It’s a very eccentric role that allows Radcliffe to fully embrace his acting skills.

9 Victor Frankenstein (2015)

Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy on the set of Victor Frankenstein

In a twisted version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein story, Victor Frankenstein follows the dysfunctional relationship between Daniel Radcliffe’s Igor Strausman and James McAvoy’s Victor Frankenstein, two gifted scientists who push their work too far beyond repair.

Like many of Radcliffe’s later films, Victor Frankenstein has a very distinct tone and atmosphere that sets it apart from all other films in the genre. It’s unusually paced and stylishly shot, which helps the story feel fresh and new despite its dated origins.


8 Imperium (2016)

Imperial Daniel Radcliffe

In this crime thriller, Radcliffe plays an FBI agent trying to uncover hidden terrorist plots. The film follows him as he infiltrates a white supremacist group, in pursuit of recovering a stolen bomb. It’s an extremely tense film, and Radcliffe’s emotional performance makes it all the more engaging.

The film marked an unconventional acting role for Radcliffe, but he managed to clearly own the character and add another layer of entertainment and tension to the story. He may broach some uncomfortable topics, but he always does so in a careful and precise manner.

7 Swiss Army Man (2016)

Radcliffe stars alongside Paul Dano in this unusual and unconventional drama, depicting the animated corpse of a dead man. There is not a single scene in Swiss army man it could be found in any other movie, giving it an extremely unique and distinct feel that’s impossible to replicate.

Despite its unnatural and grotesque premise, the story at the heart of the film is actually extremely touching and heartfelt. It explores what our purpose is as humans and why we so often feel lost and right. Swiss army man is full of inspirational and memorable quotes that are sure to stay with you for a long time.

6 The Woman in Black (2012)

Daniel Radcliffe in the 2012 horror film The Woman In Black.

Based on the original novel of the same name by Susan Hill, The woman in black is a supernatural horror film that takes full advantage of its terrifying premise. The woman in question is actually a vengeful ghost, which Daniel Radcliffe’s character is forced to confront after traveling to his quaint village.

The woman in black is best described as a gothic horror film, generally using terror and suspense more than violence and gore. It’s extremely atmospheric and the supernatural hijinx details of the film will keep you awake at night.

5 Horns (2013)

Daniel Radcliffe as Ignatius Perrish in Horns

In one of Radcliffe’s most unusual films, his character wakes up one morning to find he’s mysteriously grown horns and sets out to find his girlfriend’s killer with his newfound supernatural powers. It may not be the most mainstream or mainstream film, but it uses its bizarre narrative in a hugely captivating way.

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horns often steeped in his own ignorance, never seeming to care that he is unquestionably weird. Radcliffe’s lead performance is equally gripping and daring and proves that there isn’t a single genre he’s afraid to tackle.

4 Now You See Me 2 (2016)

Now You See Me 2 - Daniel Radcliffe and the Horsemen

Picking up where the first film left off, now you see me 2 is a sequel that stays absolutely true to the spirit of the original. With the introduction of Radcliffe’s character, the film encounters a whole new level of conflict and complexity that the first film arguably lacked.

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Radcliffe plays the illegitimate child of Michael Caine’s character, Arthur Tressler, who wants revenge on the Four Horsemen for losing his money and power. All the action sets and magical spectacles are still here, along with several exciting new additions to the original ensemble cast.

3 Kill Your Darlings (2013)

Kill Your Darlings Daniel Radcliffe Dane DeHaan

Kill your darlings is one of Radcliffe’s most grounded and moving films, chronicling the life of poet Allen Ginsberg and his involvement in the complex friendship between writers Lucien Carr and David Kammerer. It’s a biopic, but it still manages to be hugely exciting and engaging thanks to the different relationship dynamics at play.

The film also stars Dane DeHaan and Michael C. Hall as Carr and Kammerer, who both deliver hugely memorable performances alongside Radcliffe that really bring the film to life in an interesting way. It’s not only educational but also interesting, which is exactly what biopics need to succeed.

2 What If (2013)

Adam Driver and Daniel Radcliffe in The F Word What If

what if (published in some countries as The F-word is a romantic comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, based on the play by Michael Rinaldi Toothpaste and Cigars. It follows a pair of best friends as they navigate their feelings for each other and reflect on what it means for their friendship.

It’s an extremely touching and relatable film – and one that treats its characters like humans first and foremost. They are imperfect and imperfect, which makes them easy to understand and comprehend. The story might be a little simple, but it’s one that many consider to be one of the best and most charming rom-coms of the 2010s.

1 Guns Akimbo (2020)

Daniel Radcliffe With Guns for Hands in Guns Trailer Akimbo

Akimbo Firearms is by far Daniel Radcliffe’s most controversial and polarizing film to date. While most critics described it as a ridiculously bizarre film that goes far beyond the constraints of the design, other audiences saw it as a bizarre, self-aware comedy that didn’t not afraid to subvert expectations.

Whichever side of the debate you belong to, there is no denying that Akimbo Firearms is by Daniel Radcliffe the boldest project since he played Harry Potter all those years ago. It proves that the actor is ready to have fun with his projects, and that’s exactly what makes him so charismatic and entertaining to watch.

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