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David Gerrold Called JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Movies “Too Much Star Wars”

David Gerrold wrote for Star Trek: The Original Series and The Animated Series.

With the fourth film in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek film series on Kelvin’s timeline, there’s a lot of controversy over whether it’s too late for another film, especially with the current run of Star Trek series. who went out. Many Trekkies weren’t fans of the movies starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, mostly because Abrams changed the timeline and the stories of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. But a science fiction writer, David Gerrold, known for writing one of the best Star Trek: The Original Series episodes, The Trouble with Tribbles, had a much different problem with the first two movies.

Interviewed in 2014 by Trekmovie, Gerrold was asked his opinion on Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness, and award-winning writer Hugo didn’t hold back when he spoke of the “success trap of we must have big moments, big blockbuster, exciting CGI moments. He thought the characters’ emotional growth was sacrificed for those big moments, and even said Steven Spielberg and George Lucas did that in some of their worst pictures. (He didn’t specify which films he was referring to.)

David Gerrold thought the new Star Trek movies were exciting but lacked something.

Many sci-fi and fantasy films squeeze many “great movie moments” into the film while minimizing character growth. Captain Kirk grew up a bit in the Abrams films, but Gerrold said the films didn’t return to the heart and soul of the original Star Trek.

“To me, that’s the problem with JJ’s footage is that it’s very exciting but it doesn’t take us back to the heart and soul of the original Star Trek, which is to say Kirk has an interesting problem to solve that requires him to face a moral dilemma of the prime directive, being a Starfleet captain and following the rules And if you look back, there was a severe limit to what Kirk could do because he was a captain of Starfleet. And what we have in the JJ movies is a little too much Star Wars and not enough Star Trek.

There have been plenty of splashy moments in all of Abrams’ Star Trek films and, no doubt, there will be many more in the fourth. It would be impossible for Abrams not to be aware of the comments, concerns, and complaints about the first three films. Does that mean he’s going to change something? That’s up for debate as the films made quite a significant amount of money, with Star Trek Into Darkness earning the most at $467.4 million against a budget of around $190 million. With that kind of income, where is the impetus to change?

What do you think? Did JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movies have more shine than heart? Should they be toned down to focus on character growth?