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DC’s Static Shock Live-Action Movie Gets Disappointing Production Update

The Static shock the live-action movie gets a disheartening production update. One of the most beloved superheroes in DC’s Milestone Media imprint, Static aka Virgil Ovid Hawkins starts out as an ordinary boy in Dakota, but after being exposed to a radioactive fluid called “Quantum Juice” during a a chemical container explosion, he gains electromagnetic superpowers and transforms into a metahuman. With his newfound powers, Static battles the bad guys in his town alongside a few other metahumans, who collectively make up the Dakotaverse superhero team. the original Static the comics ran for 45 issues and WB also rendered their story in the animated show Static shockaired for four seasons on Kids’ WB between 2000 and 2004.


During DC FanDome in 2020, filmmaker Reginald Hudlin revealed that he was working on reviving Milestone Media with original creators Denys Cowan and Michael Davis. A live action Static shock The film was the first major project in development under the initiative, with Hudlin attached as executive producer. Over the following months, it was also confirmed that Michael B. Jordan would co-produce, while Grand Army writer Randy McKinnon was hired to pen the screenplay. Until recently, the film’s script was being worked on, and many hoped the project would begin churning out substantial production in the coming days. But after newly created conglomerate Warner Bros Discovery canceled nearly all bat girl movie earlier this month, panic spread among fans who Static shock could suffer the same fate.

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And as it now appears, the fears were not unwarranted. A new report from THR offers disappointing news regarding the state of development of Static shock. As the source suggests, work on the film has stalled and the search for a director has been halted. Other details aren’t entirely clear, as both Hudlin and B. Jordan remain silent on the matter.

The new development poses problems for Hudlin’s plans to expand the Milestone franchise and its characters into mainstream media. While the comic book line has been restored, with titles like Static: Season 1, Icon & Rocket: Season 1, and Material: Season 1 gaining a lot of success around the world, there were also plans for an animated Dakotaverse movie that would bring together Milestone’s most well-known heroes. But with Static shock in jeopardy, the animated feature is unlikely to make any headway either.

With the lack of progress on static shock, the optics don’t look good for diversity in the DCEU. The decision to cancel bat girl has already put the company under fire, as many see it as a missed opportunity to introduce an Afro-Latin superhero alongside the first major transgender character in a DC film. Now, the studio’s apparent disinterest in making a movie centered around a black protagonist could cause further backlash, which could damage the reputation of the franchise. That said, WBD CEO David Zaslav has indicated that he has a 10-year plan for DC, so some projects may be on hold while plan details are worked out. Once a complete structure is designed, the studio can give the go-ahead for Static shock resume development, although nothing can be promised until there is official confirmation on this.

Source: THR

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