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Does Dewey die in Scream 5? Fate of character explored

Scream 5 has already broken records since the film was released in 2022. But does Dewey’s character die in the new opus?

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the Scream reboot ever since the movie was confirmed. On January 14, the long-awaited film was finally released. Viewers were thrilled to see some of the former cast members return to play their roles.

Amidst this, fans are wondering about the whereabouts of these characters.

NOTE: This article contains spoilers for the film.

Does Dewey die in Scream 5?

David Arquette returns to the film to play his character, Dewey. Unfortunately, he dies in this episode.

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While David knew his character’s fate, he was always happy to return. Speaking to ET Canada, he said: “Well obviously I love working with Neve and Courteney [Cox] and it was great to work with them again. But on ‘Scream 2’ I worked with my dad and it was really a dream come true and then they did a mad magazine and I did a little cartoon of me and my dad. It was so much fun!”

The actor further added, “I gave the whole cast a Bob Ross painting lesson. And then they were all watching horror movies. I can’t say enough about that cast and the directors. did an amazing job, it’s scary, funny and exciting.

What is the film about?

The 2022 version of Scream has managed to draw old and new viewers together.

The plot of Scream 5 reads: “Twenty-five years after a series of brutal murders shocked the sleepy town of Woodsboro, California, a new killer dons the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect the secrets of the city’s murderous past. .”

Speaking about the film, Chris Aronson, Head of National Distribution for Paramount, said, “They reinvigorated the franchise for pre-existing fans and introduced it to a new generation of fans. We’ve heard anecdotally that people have seen the movie more than once or plan to see it multiple times.

How much has the film earned so far?

Scream 5 has already broken many records. Even though the movie was not released on any streaming platform, it managed to gross $30.6 million within days.

For now, there is no confirmation regarding its release on any streaming platform.

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