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Eggman was almost the main character of the “Sonic” franchise

Originally at Sega, the most popular design internally was a blue rabbit with long, opposable ears. But when it comes to gameplay, the designers weren’t happy with the character. Sega held an internal design contest to generate characters, and one of the designs that made it to the final round was a roly-poly older man wearing his pajamas. It makes sense to offer a mustachioed man with a heart of gold as Mario’s counterbalance, but ultimately it was a handful of random New Yorkers who decided on the character’s final design.


I love the cat pillow. Pillow fight weapons? !

Artist Naoto Ohshima brought sketches of the rest of the potential character designs to Central Park and stopped passers-by, asking what they thought. They could choose between the guy with the round mustache, a dog character and a hedgehog. The vast majority of them were attracted to the hedgehog. And the rest is history. The rotund Teddy Roosevelt-looking man turned into the series’ villain, Dr. Robotnik, aka Eggman. And we’re glad he did. sound rules and Eggman is the star of the greatest gay love story ever told.

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