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Elmo’s “biggest fan”, a cute toddler, meets the Sesame Street character. Watch | Tendency

This video posted to Instagram shows how an adorable toddler named Dylan met his fictional heroes, Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

As kids, many of us often want to meet our favorite cartoon characters or people we can only see on our TV screens. But this dream rarely comes true. In this Instagram video that has gone viral, viewers can see how a little boy named Dylan, whose mother calls him “Elmo’s biggest fan”, finally met his fictional hero! And since then, this video has conquered all Internet users.

The video opens to show how this little boy’s mother takes some time to calm him down before he meets Elmo from Sesame Street. After a successful pep talk, the kid heads over to where Elmo and Cookie Monster, two of the show’s most famous puppets, can be seen standing. The toddler makes his presence known and calls Elmo. At the end of the video, he can be seen enjoying the company of the two characters.

“As a mother raising her 5 children in NYC, we are constantly enjoying all that NYC has to offer. This weekend, @sesamestreetlive is back in NYC at the Hulu Theater. To celebrate their return, the Empire State Building will be lit up in red, yellow and blue. Dylan and I got to visit the most famous building in the world and take part in the lighting ceremony! How cool was @elmo to meet his biggest fan?” reads the caption that accompanies this adorable video.

Watch the cute video here:

The video was posted on Instagram on February 19 and has received over 13,000 likes since then. The video also racked up several comments from people who couldn’t help but adore this little kid and his innocent and happy reaction to Elmo and Cookie Monster.

“Oh my god this is so cute! Dylan I love your haircut,” one comment read. “OMG!! My heart is full watching all this love! It was the sweetest ever! Thanks for sharing,” another person wrote, followed by cheering, heart, and heart-eyed face emojis. “Omg this is absolutely adorable! Made my day,” posted a third.

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