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English Dub Review: My Isekai Life: I gained a second character class and became the strongest sage in the world! “Really unusual situations”

Preview (Spoilers below):
A dragon is a formidable opponent. This is precisely why Yuji has to get close to him to fight him with… a dagger!?

Our opinion :
The battle is officially upon us as the guild prepares to fight to protect the village from the vicious Blue Dragon. However, the members find themselves without a divine emissary, the only solution to defeat the dragon. Fortunately, they have an alternative that could help them turn the tide of the battle: a sage and his group of slimes. Oh, and a powerful dagger that increases the focus of its magic to make combat easier.
This is another episode that puts Yuji’s skills into action, as he sets out on his own to slay the dragon before it does harm to the town. Although the battle didn’t last 10 minutes, it’s a well-paced and vibrant sequence that shows animation in Yuji’s magic and attacks, especially his finishing move. Like that of its first episode, the action scenes aren’t too unique when it comes to style and high-stakes dilemmas. However, that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable to watch.
After the battle, Yuji leaves for the town of Ricaardo as he draws too much attention to himself, including Rayard, who suspects him of defeating the dragon himself. During his quest, Yuji learns from Dryad that the dead dragon has been sprouting mushrooms around his corpse, later revealed to be “Dragon Grace”. Fortunately, the good thing about these mushrooms is that they can be used to make potions that will benefit Yuji well. Dryad crafts the red potions to increase sage magic and the blue potions to restore depleted magic, or as I’d like to call them in RPG parlance, ethers.
While this is happening, the episode offers another flashback to Yuji’s early days in the RPG-based world. This time it features his first encounter with Dryad and how he saves her and her forest from a crystal carried by an unidentified person. The series’ flashbacks continue to function as a tool for its non-linear narrative, which explores Yuji’s origin without interrupting the pacing of his current struggles. “Trying Out a Party” showed how Yuji tamed his slimes and earned his Sage title, and now we have this episode showing how he first met Dryad. Now the only question that remains is how he first encountered Proudwolf.
Afterwards, Yuji and the others ran into Messias Village while traveling through heavy fog. Naturally, they are suspicious of his villagers, and they have a right to be. First, the villagers greeted them with strange smiles on their faces. Second, they seemed to be working with an unknown person to retrieve the Dragon Grace.
But, of course, that’s not the only problem Yuji has to worry about, as he sees Ricaardo’s town mysteriously covered in snow upon his arrival. At first glance, this village does not seem to be celebrating this change of weather with Christmas decorations and festivities. Luckily for them, Yuji’s arrival might just be what they need to solve this strange winter pandemic.