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English Dub Season Review: My Life as Isekai: I gained a second character class and became the strongest sage in the world! Season 1

Preview (Spoilers below):

When Salaryman Yuji Sano is sent to a fantasy realm, he accomplishes the enviable feat of developing a second character class by making the most of his Monster Tamer abilities and continues to participate in major events!

Our opinion :

My Isekai Life is an anime adaptation of a light novel series written by Shinkoshoto and illustrated by Huuka Kazabana. It is directed by Keisuke Kojima, who also provides character design for the series, with scripts written by Naohiro Fukushima. Kiyotaka Suzuki is the assistant director, while Busted Rose’s Gin is composing the series’ music. Non Stop Rabbit performs the opening theme song, “Mujikaku no Tensai”, and Surachanzu performs the ending theme, “Gohan da yo! Papadadan!!”.

The isekai element is one of the most common tropes that constantly appear in all media, especially anime. So it doesn’t surprise me that we see many isekai shows popping up left and right. Some of these shows have become fan-favorite classics, while others have ended up as forgotten memories regarding their quality. My Isekai Life marks the latest addition to the eternal list of content involving the genre. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer much other than the character being transported to another world and fighting a group of monsters.

The first season follows Yuji Sano (Scott Gibbs) traversing the fantasy world with his tamed slimes after being transported into the game he plays in the real world. After discovering the hut of a deceased wizard, he unwittingly obtained the title of Sage by receiving all the skills and knowledge from the books. Fearing that he has become too powerful, Yuji attempts to keep a low profile by posing as an average tamer. However, he will have to put his abilities to the test when a mysterious cult known as the Blue Moon of Salvation plans to destroy the world for their beliefs.

Throughout the season, the series provides brief flashbacks to Yuji’s origin, including his previous life as a wage earner and how he gained the power of a Sage. They also feature Yuji’s first encounters with his allies who help him on his journey, including the slimes he quickly tames. Others include Proudwolf (John Gremillion), a brave and fierce but also generous wolf monster, and Dryad (Kira Vincent-Davis), a forest spirit who occasionally helps him organize exhibitions.

One thing to know about the show is the structure. The series follows a pattern familiar from other isekai and fantasy shows, where the main characters visit a different village and encounter simple tasks that lead to a massive boss fight. For example, episodes five and six feature Yuji collecting firewood in the town of Ricaardo when it is covered in snow. He then discovers an underground lair belonging to the Blue Moon cult and protects the world from their Cleansing Flame weapon.

As far as Yuji and storylines go, these episodes lacked a compelling sense of urgency and uniqueness to overshadow their repetitive formula. However, they do offer a few instances where Yuji struggles to hide his incredible power or defeat the most brutal bosses, including the fire dragon in “We Fought a Fire Dragon” and Walter’s dragon form in “The Revelation. Cam True”. Because of this, the narrative and action have become less boring than they should have been, but it’s still not enough to join the ranks of other exhilarating isekai shows before it.

The characters also didn’t make much of an impression due to their basic personalities and average English dub performances. Yuji is the main character of the series who gains substantial power by absorbing so much knowledge and uses it to quickly eliminate his enemies. But with a few exceptions, of course. Regardless of genre, it’s hard to make a character like Yuji interesting because their immense strength makes them unstoppable, making their struggles boring or unfair. Saitama’s One-punch man is a prime example of creating an engaging indestructible character through the series’ unique and humorous twists on the superhero genre.

Although Yuji isn’t in the same lineup as Saitama, the series has made a small effort to provide some interesting stakes for the character’s abilities. The best example of this is the seventh episode, “Assassins in Pursuit”, where Yuji attempts to hide his powerful skills from assassins sent by the cult to examine him. The other examples are the last two episodes, with Yuji battling the resurrected Sage, whose powers are similar to Yuji’s, and learning to rely on others for help. Scott Gibbs agreed regarding his performance as Yuji, which is enough to excuse his average character arc.

The only characters I didn’t like were Yuji’s tamed slimes. They’re meant to be the show’s comic relief to elevate some of its dark moments. Unfortunately, they turned out to be a bit more boring than hilarious. As far as voices and dialogue go, the slimes did nothing to improve the experience but did provide nasty color feedback and spell transfers. Although they’ve become slightly more tolerable as the season has progressed, smaller monsters aren’t strong at delivering laughs compared to them at delivering spells.

The animation is produced by Revoroot, the same company behind Alternative FLCL, Babylonand I’ve been killing Slimes for 300 years and reached my max level. When it comes to isekai shows, the animation style has proven to have decent designs in their fantasy worlds, though some weren’t as fantastic as others. My Isekai Life is no different with its RPG-like setting. It’s nice to watch, but the world-building in the first season was too simple to stand out in the huge sea of ​​isekai series and movies. Although the animation makes up for it by showcasing visual flair in its entertaining action sequences.

Globally, My Isekai Life doesn’t offer much to its formula regarding its story and characters. However, it has enough tolerable moments to tame its notable flaws and provide enjoyment in its storylines. The episodic structures can get repetitive after a while, and its characters aren’t as powerful as Yuji’s magic when it comes to their personalities. Additionally, the characters’ English voice acting ranges from average to forgettable. However, I enjoyed its action scenes and the animation depicting them. These things alone should be enough for me to revisit this isekai life if it moves forward with its second season. Hopefully, this would allow the series to improve its stats for the next level.