Events & Florals of Zionsville brings European aesthetics, the passion to celebrate life through flowers to the village’s iconic brick street


ZIONSVILLE, Ind. – For many, the gift of flowers can be a symbol of love, so it’s only fitting that a love affair brought Donna Lennox-Hobson back to her home in Indiana.

She was already a veteran of the floral industry and owned a boutique in Mariemont, Ohio, when she found love in an old friend after her 30-year-old husband died of cancer in 2014.

“We were neighbors… their property was sort of attached to ours and we raised our children together,” she recalls. “We’ve known each other since our twenties and who would have thought all those years later that this is how the relationship would turn out… but it does.”

Owner Donna Lennox-Hobson (Photo credit: Events & Florals of Zionsville Facebook page)

Their union brought her home to Boone County, where she opened her second location in June 2020 directly on Main Street in Zionsville.

Its official name is Events & Florals of Zionsville but most people simply call it “The flower shop.”

We will stop and smell the roses on this trip In your neighborhood.

“I knew if I was going to move out and open a store here, yes, I wanted to be in the heart of Zionsville, on Main Street,” Lennox-Hobson said.

While there are a few other flower shops in town, she says her store stands out for its unique aesthetic.

“Our style is a lot more like a European style bringing together a French flower shop, if you will,” Lennox-Hobson explained.

Photo credit: Events & Florals of Zionsville Facebook page

Everything she creates is personalized and usually chosen by the rod. This way, customers can be part of the creative process by hand selecting flowers for a special arrangement.

“Then we design something beautiful with these particular rods that they selected,” she noted. “So we take care of the flower side on a day-to-day basis. We do a lot of wraps and that sort of thing and we also do all kinds of special events. “

Thankfully, bookings for weddings and special events have picked up after a tough 2020, but in an industry driven by a handful of floral vacations, summer often means a lull in business.

However, she says, just because Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day have passed doesn’t mean people should stop giving flowers.

Photo credit: Events & Florals of Zionsville Facebook page

“It doesn’t have to be a flower festival to appreciate and appreciate flowers,” Lennox-Hobson said. “And you don’t have to have someone else give you flowers. You can give them to yourself.

Or if you’re looking for extra points, she says “just because” flowers sometimes mean even more.

“I have a few gentlemen I call my ‘Wednesday boys’ who stop right in the middle of the week just because it’s a Wednesday and they really want to give flowers for no reason,” he said. -she explains.

The shop also has other gift items like the popular selection of La Tee Da flameless candles, which burn soybean oil and come in a variety of colorful glass containers.

“You turn it on [and] let it burn for a few minutes. Put out the candle and put your vented cap on it and let it do its job, ”Lennox-Hobson explained. “When you’re ready to turn it off at the end of the night, once it stops drawing air, the wick stops expelling the scent. “

Another bestseller is their selection of Donaldson chocolates, which are made right outside of Lebanon.

Photo credit: Events & Florals of Zionsville Facebook page

As the exclusive seller of the village of Zionsville, these have become a nice raffle.

“We have a lot of people coming here now because they know we carry the chocolates, who will come here just to pick up their box of chocolates,” she said. “And the beautiful thing is that most of them will end up taking flowers too.”

Four things you need to know about Zionsville events and flowers:

  • Donna Lennox-Hobson was a veteran of the floral industry and already owned a flower and event business in Mariemount, Ohio, when love brought her home to Indiana. After getting married, she joined her new husband and officially opened her second store (called Events & Florals of Zionsville) at 70 South Main Street on June 1 of last year.
  • Lennox-Hobson says she’s happy to see things happen again and that she has already had a lot of brides in touch to plan floral services for weddings and other events this summer, so things seem to be improving for her. ‘industry. “All of a sudden people start calling again and the brides are rescheduled and this is really very exciting news,” she noted. “Life is being lived again. “
  • The owner wants to remind people of the importance of giving flowers to uplift others. She does this through her “Flower of the Month” club, where you can arrange for a loved one to receive a personalized bouquet each month for a year.
  • When Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day pass, summer usually means a lull for the flower industry. However, Lennox-Hobson wants to remind people of the importance of giving flowers all year round to loved ones … or even to treat yourself to an arrangement. “When you walk into a space filled with some sort of floral scent, it can be so uplifting and it makes your whole space feel fresh and new… More vibrant, more alive,” she said.

For more information on Events & Florals of Zionsville, check out their website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews of local Yelpers, check out the store’s Yelp profile. You can also connect to social networks through Facebook and Instagram.

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