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Every character confirmed to return in Clerks III

Kevin Smith finally returned to the Quick Stop to bring the Clerks full circle of the saga. Clerk III will bring audiences back to New Jersey for more mundane customer service and deep philosophical meditations. Smith recently dropped the trailer for the highly anticipated threequel, which promises another hugely satisfying installment in the View Askewniverse.

The film will premiere in Red Bank, New Jersey on September 4, before its wide release on September 13. From Dante to Randal via Jay and Silent Bob, Clerk III brings back a bunch of fan-favorite icons.


8 Dante Hicks

Dante in the clerks

If there is one Clerks film is being made, so Dante Hicks is supposed to be there. According to Daily MailBrian O’Halloran was spotted filming scenes for Clerk III at a quick stop. Ever since he and Randal bought the Quick Stop and adjoining RST video store at the end of Clerk IIDante won’t be forced by his boss to work his day off in this one, because he’s the boss now.

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It wouldn’t really look like a Clerks movie unless O’Halloran reprises his role as the pissed off everybody who started it all. The threequel will provide Dante with a whole lot more to complain about.

seven Randal Graves

Just like it wouldn’t look like a Clerks movie without Dante, Clerk III wouldn’t feel like a Clerks movie without Randal either. Their bromance has been central to the franchise since the beginning. As reported by ComicBook.comJeff Anderson rejected an earlier version of Smith Clerk III script that was much darker in tone. Smith admitted that this version of the trio was “not what Dante and Randal deserve”.

According VarietySmith eventually wrote a version of Clerk III in which Anderson is willing to star. Clerk III, as Smith himself did a few years ago, Randal suffers a heart attack. He takes stock of his life and decides to make a movie about his time at the Quick Stop, so the threequel is about to get some nice meta.

6 Jay

According Geek’s Lair, Jay is still hanging out outside the Quick Stop after nearly three decades. Jason Mewes will reprise his role as the loud-mouthed pot dealer who does business on the wall of Dante and Randal’s store (against their wishes) in Clerk III.

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In Clerk IIIJay could repeat his “15 bucks, little man” rap, do another Buffalo Bill-style dance to “Goodbye Horses,” or surprise the audience with a new musical number.

5 silent bob

Kevin Smith in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Where there is Jay, there is usually Silent Bob. According Geek’s Lair, Kevin Smith himself will reprise his own View Askewniverse role as Bob alongside Mewes’ return as Jay. The last time the public saw this duo together was in Jay and Silent Bob rebootwhich left them both in a happy place.

Bob’s defining characteristic is that he hardly ever opens his mouth, but when he has something to say, it’s beautiful and deep. At the end of the first Clerks movie, he tells Dante, “You know, there’s a million beautiful women in the world, man. But not all of them bring you lasagna to work. Most of them deceive you. In Clerk IIIfans can expect more timely wisdom from Jay’s “straight life partner.”

4 Becky Scott

Rosario Dawson joined the View Askewniverse in Clerk II as Becky Scott, Dante and Randal’s boss at Mooby’s. At the end of this film, Dante realized he was in love with Becky (and also learned that she was pregnant with his child).

According Varietydespite her increasingly busy schedule, including live appearances as Ahsoka Tano, Dawson would reprise the role in Clerk III.

3 Elias Grover

Elias with an onion ring in Clerks II

According Varietyanother character introduced in Clerk II – Elias Grover, Dante and Randal’s dope co-worker at Mooby’s – will return in Clerk III. Played by Trevor Fehrman, Elias is a big fan of Transformers and The Lord of the Rings.

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At the end of Clerk II, Dante and Randal hired Elias to run the RST video store. In Clerk IIIhe might struggle to keep the company afloat in the age of streaming.

2 lando

Lando with Jay and Silent Bob in Clerks The Animated Series

Smith’s fatman beyond co-host, Marc Bernardin, is set to make a brief appearance in Clerk III. While his character has never appeared in a previous Clerks movie, it will be familiar to diehards Clerks fans who followed the Expanded Universe.

According ComicBook.comBernardin will play Quick Stop regular Lando, who originally featured in the short-lived cartoon spin-off Clerks: The Animated Series as a symbolic satire.

1 Veronique Loughran

Dante and Veronica in Clerk

According FilmWebMarilyn Ghigliotti will reprise her role as Dante’s ex-girlfriend Veronica Loughran in Clerk III. Veronica hasn’t been seen since breaking up with Dante at the end of the original Clerks movie, so this is a momentous occasion for View Askewniverse fans.

Dante found true love with Becky in Clerk IIit is therefore unlikely that Clerk III will feature a romantic reunion with Veronica. It’s possible she’ll star in Randal’s movie herself in a movie, or make a cameo appearance when he finishes the movie and premieres it at the store.

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