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Every Launch Day Character, Ranked

Disney Valley of Dreams just opened its beta version for fans and gamers to join this magical virtual world. Available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles as well as PC, many can now see what the game has in store for them.

With a collection of worlds to explore from Disney and Pixar films, many fan-favorite characters will be ready to welcome and help players on their adventures. But of those available at launch, they each seem poised to bring something new and fun to the table.


16 Arielle

The lovable, innocent mermaid who loves all things human, Ariel soon falls in love with Prince Eric, sacrificing her voice for legs to walk the dirt. And while it might not be her first game or her best role in one, she does at least offer some nice rewards.

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While players can unlock decent costumes from The little Mermaid and underwater themed items to decorate, it can be a bit of a pain to interact with her as she is water bound while the avatar character cannot access the seas. And while she can’t transform into having legs to walk on dry land, she can suddenly appear in avatar creator mode as a hidden secret character.

15 Mother Gothel

Rapunzel’s evil adoptive mother, Mother Gothel’s role in the film was greatly expanded from the original fairy tales to Tangled. And aside from Ursula, she’s the only other villain to appear when the game launches.

Her story plays a role in the film, as anyone trying to save Rapunzel will inadvertently unleash a powerful curse on the valley, causing Mother Gothel to need help from Merlin the Sorcerer and Ursula the Sea Witch. It also doesn’t open up to the other magical Disney characters forcing them to come together, but its selfishness and perfectionism transpires through its dialogue.

14 Ursula


One of the greatest villains in Disney animation history, Ursula the Sea Witch made a chilling impact on young viewers with her dark magic and evil schemes in The little Mermaid. And she’s one of the very few villains currently appearing in the game, and just might be the best among them little group of antagonists.

With her series of puzzles to solve and quests to complete, players can add Ursula to the town and become her friend. While she might not have much to offer once you reach level ten for friendship, her role in the main story mode is fun and tries to differ from what the other characters offer.

12 Donald Duck

Since his debut in 1934, Donald Duck has remained a classic animated character that audiences still enjoy today, especially with his over-the-top angry reactions. And he doesn’t mind expressing his rage in this game either.

Donald’s fans can help him escape from the Forest of Valor Frozen 2and bring him back to his tug, which needs fixing, while Donald angrily quacks about the whole ordeal. But once cooled, he can be a generous addition as he will give people tokens as a reward, cool cosmetics to be his friend, and unlock a quest involving a time capsule.

11 Minnie Mouse

Appearing alongside Mickey Mouse and Pete in Steamer Willie, Minnie Mouse has seen her fair share of fans over the years. Whether she’s starred in her own TV shows or appeared in a number of video games, it’s safe to say she’s a hit mouse.

In Disney Valley of Dreams, she plays a vital role in one of the most dramatic and moving stories as Mickey tries to bring her back from a nightmarish realm. Considering how sweet she still seems to be, it can only push some to save her from such a cruel fate and may give some neat cosmetics for taking the time to save her.

ten maui

On her journey to restore peace to the oceans, Moana finds Maui, an overconfident demigod who joins her quest in this must-see musical film. Although he has unwittingly caused more harm than good, he makes himself useful in Disney Valley of Dreams.

As the player improves their friendship with Maui, the pickaxe they enchanted when first encountered can be upgraded to eventually break larger boulders needed to access other areas of Dazzle Beach. And once their friendship level reaches its maximum, everyone will be rewarded with the statue of Maui, standing tall and proud that only the selfish character can muster.

9 Scrooge

Donald Duck’s wealthy uncle, Scrooge McDuck became a popular name after appearing in the duck tales shows and in Mickey’s Christmas Carol. And with his love for money, it was no surprise what role he would play in the game.

After rescuing him from the Deadly Thorns, players can purchase a number of cosmetics from his shop, making him an essential character to interact with for those looking to take care of decorating. But what makes him even more valuable is that players can unlock more items after befriending him, unlocking more possible cosmetic items than any other character in the game.

8 Wall-E

One of Pixar’s most adorable creations, Wall-E is a robot from a future Earth left in ruins by humans, letting him clean it up and hopefully bring life back to the planet. And his robotic green fingers will also help people bring much-needed crops to their lands if they wish.

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If someone chooses to help Wall-E in their kingdom, they will eventually visit the valley which will open up a very useful feature. The robot can help rebuild the hidden garden in the peaceful meadow and for those looking to grow crops quickly, they’ll definitely want to befriend it as it will generate random crops every day, making Wall-E a useful ally that can reduce the waiting time for certain ingredients. .

seven Elsa and Anna

Easily the most popular Disney franchise for years, Frozen became a smash hit with kids around the world, breaking the old Disney formula with both films breaking box office records and a string of charming shorts. And fans will be happy to know that Anna and Elsa can be invited to their cities.

Their story will be satisfying for fans as it takes place after the events of the second film and players must reunite Anna with her sister in The Forest of Valor, after which both become accessible for quests once they are rescued. As well as providing a fun story, they are also very useful as Anna can get rid of mushrooms and Elsa can get rid of ice, clearing the way to access more areas of the valley; And there are many Frozen-thematic objects to unlock between them too.

6 Merlin

The sword in the stone It might not be everyone’s favorite Disney animated movie, but there are definitely some shining moments surrounding Arthur and Merlin the Wizard. And although the first has yet to appear in the game, the second is and will be the first character everyone will encounter.

He can take on the role of guide in the game, but he is useful because he shows where the necessary tools are and explains the situation the valley is in. Additionally, he will offer magical themed decorations and customizable items if players choose to become his friend.

5 Remy

Easily one of the best films from Brad Bird and Pixar respectively. Ratatouille tells the story of a rat with a nose for cooking and how his love for food led him to become a famous chef in Paris. And as much as he taught Alfredo Linguini how to prepare meals, he can also teach those who unlock him.

As cooking is one of the main activities in the game, Remy is easily one of the best characters to contribute to it as he also can’t give everyone unique ingredients, but can also unlock new meals to cook. With this rat next to anyone, it just might turn into another great dining experience for the Switch.

4 Kristoff

Introduced in Frozen, Kristoff and his trusty reindeer Sven help Anna find Elsa. But as the film unfolds, he falls in love with Anna, her bravery and loyalty, later becoming one of Disney’s best boyfriends.

Once players help Kristoff find Donald Duck who got lost in the woods, he can be approached for friendship quests, which are certainly worthwhile for those looking to avoid grinding. It also cannot be added to the valley for fans of the movie to enjoy, but it can open a stall that sells a number of materials that will come in handy if players tire of mining.

3 Clumsy

Known over the years for his slapstick comedy, Goofy has remained one of Disney’s most iconic characters. But when it comes to video games, he’s also been surprisingly one of the most useful in games like Kingdom Hearts.

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In Disney Valley of Dreams, he will be more than happy to buy unwanted items from anyone, more than willing to get rid of his gold coins. Additionally, the multiple stalls he operates each have their own unique items that might come in handy when crops need to be grown for specific ingredients.

2 Moana

Moana, the 2016 Oscar-nominated animated film introduced everyone to the heroine of the same name, a princess who embarks on a dangerous quest to restore Te Fiti. And with her ocean sailing and fishing experience, the game developers knew exactly what to do with her.

Once fans unlock Moana and invite her to the valley, she can help rebuild a canoe that, once repaired, can depart and bring in fish every thirty minutes. And with the ability to upgrade it to contain even more sea creatures, this already useful character and his unique contribution to the virtual world can become even better.

1 mickey mouse

The face of Walt Disney Studios and the founder’s beloved creation, Mickey Mouse remains an animation icon. But it’s also seen its fair share of video games, some of which have become some of the best in the gaming space.

It’s no surprise to find out that he’ll be one of the first characters everyone meets, but it’ll be worth it if they can help him. It also doesn’t help unlock Minnie to join the valley, but it will reward the player with useful tools and recipes to progress the game as well as a really beautiful fountain if the friendship level with it reaches ten.

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