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Every Lightyear Character and Their MCU Counterpart

Pixar’s latest release, Light year, is full of fun and complex characters. Many serve a comedic purpose while others help reiterate the film’s themes and messages. For example, Sox and Mo are among Pixar’s most hilarious characters to date, while Izzy’s internal struggles help pave the way for a great lesson to be taught.

All Light year the character has unique quirks. With two Marvel actors in the main cast, it can be easy to notice similarities between the characters in this animated feature and those in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to their personalities, story arcs, or both. .


ten Alisha Hawthorne – Maria Rambeau

Lightyear's Alisha Hawthorne stands in an image next to a photo of Maria Rambeau preparing to fly in Captain Marvel

Alisha Hawthorne is Commander and Buzz’s friend in Light year. Because of their crash on a hostile planet, she meets the love of her life and they found a beautiful family.

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Alisha Hawthorne from Light year and Maria Rambeau from the MCU are similar in their strengths and story arcs. Alisha and Maria are brave and independent. They break through barriers and give their all to the cause they fight for. Not to mention that they love and care for their family and miss precious time with their closest friends.

9 Buzz Lightyear – Tony Stark/Iron Man

A photo of Tony Stark without his helmet is next to an image of Buzz from Lightyear

Buzz is the fictional forest ranger who inspired one of Andy’s favorite toys from toy story. Fittingly, it has many of the same mannerisms and lines as toy displays.

It would be easy to say that Buzz’s MCU counterpart is Captain America since Chris Evans is portraying both characters, but it’s safe to say that Buzz is more like Tony Stark. Both struggle with their fear of failure and are racked with guilt over their past mistakes. While Buzz wastes years trying to complete his mission, Stark also goes too far by creating Ultron. Neither character accepts help often, and neither character is incredibly likable – at least at first.

8 Izzy Hawthorne – Monica Rambeau

An image of Izzy in Lightyear sits next to an image of Monica Rambeau in WandaVision

Izzy Hawthorne is Alisha’s granddaughter. She aspires to be a space ranger, just like her legendary grandmother. Buzz encounters her and the rest of the junior team when he returns to the planet after reaching hyperspeed.

Izzy’s MCU counterpart is Monica Rambeau. Monica first appears in Captain Marvel child, then she appeared in Wanda Vision when she was sent to Westview to check on a missing person’s case. Similar to Izzy’s struggle to live up to her grandmother’s legacy, Monica wants to be like her mother and explore the cosmos, but several obstacles stand in her way. Both young women are strong and smart, and their story arcs each include tricking another character into doing the right thing.

seven Mo Morrison – Korg

An image of Korg From Thor: Ragnarok sits next to an image of Mo Morrison in Lightyear

Mo Morrison is one of the members of the Junior Space Ranger program. He’s very clumsy, but he has good intentions and he does whatever he can to help save the day.

Mo and Korg are played by Taika Waititi who is highly regarded for his direction of Thor: Ragnarok. Both characters have what it takes in humor and sincerity to stand out in their respective films. They’re both the fun character that makes the movie so much better by being in it. It is said that Korg was designed for Taika to play. By the look and personality of its Light year character, Mo was also created especially for him.

6 Darby Steel – Rocket

An image of Darby from Lightyear sits next to an image of Rocket from the MCU

Darby Steel is another member of the junior program, helping to reduce her prison sentence after she was caught robbing a ship.

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The similarities between Darby and Rocket are pretty obvious right off the bat in Light year. They share many of the same personality quirks and their love of weapons. Both live chaotic lives and have a dark outlook on the world. They’ve also been known to steal something that doesn’t belong to them, but Rocket gets away with it much more often.

5 Sox – Goose the Cat

Lightyear's Sox is next to an image of Captain Marvel's Goose The Cat

Sox is the hilarious, wholesome animal character from Pixar’s latest animated film. Alisha gives Sox to Buzz as a welcome gift to help him get to grips with the new reality he has returned to.

Sox can be compared to several AI assistants in the MCU, but sticking to the Captain Marvel theme, Sox looks like Goose the cat. While it’s an obvious move, it’s not just because they both come across as an orange cat. Neither character is what they seem, and both have tricks in their fur, unlike a real cat. Sox is an AI built with useful tools, and Goose is an entirely different species capable of swallowing enemies whole.

4 Commander Burnside – Nick Fury

Lightyear's Commander Burnside shouts out in an image alongside a photo of MCU's Nick Fury

Burnside takes over the role of commander after Alisha’s death. His new position brings several changes to the space station, many of which rub Buzz the wrong way.

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Commander Burnside’s MCU counterpart is Nick Fury. Although Fury is iconic and plays a much bigger role in Marvel movies than Burnside in Light year, there is always a great resemblance. Both characters are shamelessly in charge. They have a tough demeanor, but they can still be funny. They both know there needs to be change in their organizations, and they’re not afraid to initiate it.

3 Zerg-Ego

Zerg points his blasters at an image next to a photo of Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Zerg is the antagonist of the second half of Light year. He is determined to get his hands on the crystal that reaches hyper speed. Zerg is an older version of Buzz, but he feels like an entirely different character, especially with legendary actor James Brolin voicing the Pixar character.

Zerg shows resemblance to Ego’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2. Ego is Peter Quill’s father and a literal planet the Guardians crash into. When Buzz first encounters the face behind the Zerg Suit, his fear becomes confusion and then delights upon learning of Zerg’s plans. This is similar to Peter’s first encounter with Ego where they bonded and laughed. But soon Zerg and Ego show their true colors and a battle begins.

2 Airman Diaz – Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan and Airman Diaz are pictured side by side

Airman Diaz is only present at the beginning of the film. He works at Star Command and he brings Buzz to and from his ship every time.

Diaz looks like Happy Hogan from the MCU. The two characters are responsible for putting everything in order for the team. They are loyal to their mission or to those they serve, sometimes even acting as drivers. Happy’s loyalty even sent him to the hospital iron man 3 while investigating what turned out to be a valid Extremis threat.

1 Featheringhamstan – Harley Keener

Harley Keener is in an image alongside a photo of Featheringhamstan holding a chair in Lightyear

Like Diaz, Featheringhamstan (often referred to as The Rookie) is only at the beginning of the film. He’s a rookie who’s supposed to be in Buzz’s care. When the mission heads south, Featheringhamstan repeatedly offers to help and Buzz repeatedly denies it, resulting in their extended stay on the planet.

The Rookie is similar to Harley Keener’s iron man 3. Harley is a smart boy who is bullied at school. He meets Tony Stark when he’s at his lowest. Similar to Featheringhamstan, Harley wants to help her eldest, but he is shot multiple times. The Rookie unfortunately never manages to prove himself and, after the first scene, we never see him again. In the MCU, Harley’s help is finally accepted, albeit from afar.

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