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Every Live-Action Resident Evil Movie, Ranked According To IMDB

the original resident Evil the game has inspired countless sequels and spinoffs, and a currently untitled ninth game is under construction. The classic horror series remains among the best video game franchises in the world and shows no signs of slowing down. Fans always appreciate resident Evil the universe as much as more than twenty-five years ago. In addition to the games, the series has also spawned a set of comic books, several animated films, and a series of live-action feature films.

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In 2021, a new live-action movie hit theaters, hinting at the possibility of a franchise reboot. IMDB has rated every live action movie resident Evil series. Reviews are undoubtedly mixed; some fans and critics love it resident Evil series of movies while others wish some things were different.

seven Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City is a reboot that left fans divided – 5.2

One of the main complaints about the resident Evil The film franchise is that it strays further from its source material than audiences would like. Director Johannes Roberts sought to address that complaint with his 2021 reboot release. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City true to the storylines of the first two games and featured several fan-favorite characters from the video games.

Welcome to Raccoon City may even lead to additional sequels, although nothing is official yet. However, fans are divided on whether the film successfully blends the plot of the two games. Some think the movie would have been stronger if it stuck to just one game, but others liked the combination of stories. Globally, raccoon town is resident Evil lowest rated live action film on IMDb.

6 Resident Evil: Retribution is the lowest ranked movie sequel – 5.3

Resident Evil: Retribution was released in 2012 and is the penultimate film in the original six-film series. This episode features the series’ protagonist, Alice, teaming up with a resistance movement to escape from an Umbrella Corporation facility. Unfortunately, Punishment looks more like a series of video game cut scenes than a feature film, which may have been made for the fans.

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According to IMDB, however, Punishment is the least popular film in the original series. Fans and critics agree that the film’s action elements are very impressive. However, many believe that Punishment sacrificed storytelling for action, and wanted the plot to delve a little deeper into the ongoing sagas of the main characters.

5 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Brings the Original Film Series to a Questionable End – 5.5

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was the 2017 conclusion to the original film series. Appropriately, director Paul WS Anderson takes Alice back to where it all began. Alice is tasked with locating an antivirus hidden under Raccoon City and only has forty-eight hours to do so. According to IMDB reviewers, fans and critics are split on quality The last chapter serves as the conclusion to the series.

Many enjoyed the stylized action scenes the film series is known for, but felt the ending was less than satisfying. However, the lackluster ending may have been somewhat deliberate, as it left the door open for future films to pick up where the series left off.

4 Resident Evil: Afterlife is a nice series – 5.8

In 2010, Resident Evil: Afterlife saw Alice embark on another adventure, teaming up with other survivors to try and find a safe haven known as Arcadia. According to reviews collected by IMDB, critics were adamantly opposed to the film. Still, fans enjoyed seeing the series return to the pleasant, campy elements of the first. resident Evil film.

Reviews were mixed on the merits of Life after death, but it’s a common problem throughout the series. The general consensus among reviewers is that the fast-paced action and wide variety of mutated zombies make Life after death highly entertaining. Milla Jovovich continued to be a successful female action star in the franchise’s fourth installment.

3 Resident Evil: Apocalypse is a satisfying first sequel – 6.1

Alexander Witt directed Resident Evil: Apocalypsewhich was released in 2004 and followed Alice as she tried to escape from a zombie-infested town. apocalypse has an urgent event to advance the plot: a nuclear bomb must fall on the city to contain the epidemic. Many IMDB users thought apocalypse was almost as good as the first movie.

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Several fans appreciated how apocalypse expanded on the origins of the T-virus. Critics had similar sentiments about the film, but some felt the pacing was inconsistent. Overall, the second installment of the resident Evil The live-action series bills itself as a respectable sequel to the original film.

2 Resident Evil: Extinction is a fan-favorite follow-up – 6.2

After the respectable box office success of the first two films, Resident, Evil, Extinction was released in 2007. This time, Alice follows survivors who make their way to Alaska. They cross the Nevada desert en route to potential salvation. Extinction was directed by Russell Mulcahy and – unlike the first two films – was not screened for critics.

IMDB reviewers gave Extinction an average rating of 6.2, making it the most popular of all the suites. Fans enjoyed the horror elements in Extinction more than they did in the first two resident Evil movies and enjoyed Extinctionsubtle nods to video games.

1 Resident Evil proves that nothing beats the original – 6.6

The first one resident Evil The film hit theaters in 2002 and caused a stir among fans of the video game franchise. resident Evil was among the fifty highest-grossing films of the year, and fans praised the performances of Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez.

Although resident Evil is not critically acclaimed, IMDB reviews demonstrate that fans hold the film in high regard. IMDB users were equally impressed with the horror and action elements, and many were excited to see what was to come next in the film franchise. Even on a re-watch, the original resident Evil The film is still the best of the live-action series.

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