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Every Tokyo Revenge Character Compared To Their Live-Action Movie Actor

The Tokyo avengers The series is really on the rise as the manga and anime series have done so well that it has received its own live action movie. While the plot itself is intricate and gripping, it’s the colorful cast that fans are going crazy for.

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Live-action anime adaptations can be tricky, as die-hard fans can be hard to please when it comes to finding the right person to cast as their favorite characters on the big screen. However, Tokyo avengers fans have nothing to worry about as the live-action movie absolutely nailed the casting process and really brought the characters to life. Here are all Tokyo avengers characters side by side with their live counterparts.

13 Takemitchy/Takemichi Hanagaki (played by Takumi Kitamura)

A handful of characters from the show have a few different iterations of themselves, just like in the anime/manga. Of course, protagonist Takemichi debuts his current, teenage version of himself in the film.

Actor, Takumi Kitamura nailed the role of Takemichi; not only did he look as disheveled as today’s Takemichi, but he even fully committed to teenage blonde Takemichi by sporting bleached hair rather than a wig for his role. Kitamura really shines in the spotlight and easily pulls off both renditions of Tokyo avengers‘ whiny protagonist.

12 Mikey/Manjiro Sano (played by Ryo Yoshizawa)

Mikey is played by Ryo Yoshizawa (known for his roles in Gintama and Bleach movies) and its look is as true to the anime/manga as it could have been. Past and present versions of the unstoppable Mikey were pulled straight from the animated series and brought to the screen.

Yoshizawa’s incredibly accurate rendition of Mikey doesn’t stop there; beyond his looks, Yoshizawa also steals the show when it comes to fighting in the film, kicking in style and his favorite type of dorayaki hanging from his mouth.

11 Draken/Ken Ryuguji (played by Yuki Yamada)

Mikey’s right-hand man, Draken, is played by Yuki Yamada. Aside from Yamada’s version of Draken having a more dirty blonde hair color rather than the true bleached/platinum blonde, his hair and costume are all spot on. A look at Yamada in costume and all Tokyo avengers fan would recognize him as a badass Draken.

From his wardrobe to the signature dragon tattoo he has on the side of his head, all the right details were considered when the makeup and costume departments gave Yamada his Tokyo avengers makeover.

ten Naoto Tachibana (played by Yosuke Sugino)

While actor Yosuke Sugino may seem a bit silly playing middle school Naoto Tachibana, he absolutely nails the role of Detective Naoto when he’s older. The casting for Hinata’s little brother is fantastic because Sugino looks like Naoto himself straight out of the anime.

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Sugino’s portrayal of Naoto is a bit less sweet and is shown to be a bit more aggressive towards Takemichi during their meetings. However, aside from being a little less shy when it comes to berating his partner, Takemichi, his aesthetic is a perfect iteration of Detective Naoto Tachibana.

9 Akkun / Atsushi Sendo (played by Hayato Isomura)

Takemichi’s best friend from the delinquent days of his youth, Akkun, has a few different variations of his character design, just like the anime and manga. Hayato Isomura plays Akkun perfectly, regardless of the period.

Akkun’s role is rather demanding as Isomura needed a complete change of costume and style more than anyone else in the film. Isomura nails Akkun’s signature red pompadour in his youth while replacing the fully shaved look with a slicked back hairstyle instead; but still keeping his sleeves toughened and tattooed.

Akkun can be seen briefly again near the end of the film as Takemichi visits Hinata. Instead of reverting back to her pompadour again like in the anime, Isomura’s version sports a reddish-brown hairstyle topped with a coif.

8 Hinata Tachibana (Played by Mio Imada)

Takemichi’s sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana is played by the beautiful and talented Mio Imada. Hinata is perhaps the character they changed the most during the transition to the live-action film when it comes to her appearance.

Likely to achieve a more natural look, Imada’s interpretation of Hinata has dark brown/black hair rather than the bright coral hairdo she has in the anime. Her hair is styled into a bob with side bangs in place of the short, blunt haircut she has in the anime. Regardless, Imada’s talent still made her feel like the perfect choice to bring Hinata to life.

Imada also briefly returns near the end of the film, and much like the anime and manga Hinata, Imada sports beautiful long locks in her time-skip design, just with slightly different bangs.

seven Kiyomasa/Masataka Kiyomizu (played by Nobuyuki Suzuki)

The antagonist Kiyomasa is played by the handsome Nobuyuki Suzuki. Suzuki really brings this heartless delinquent to life with his acting skills. With the fantastic style retaining the main characteristics of Kiyomasa; namely his old-fashioned hairstyle and a rugged scar on his eyebrow.

The icing on the cake that really makes Suzuki’s interpretation of the big, bad Kiyomasa is his ability to perfectly recreate the scowl he has on his face whenever he sees poor Takemichi and his friends.

6 Pah-chin/Haruki Hayashida (played by Kazuki Horike)

Pah-chin, played by Kazuki Horike, gets his fair share of screen time in the film. Horike’s portrayal of Pah-chin is fantastic, keeping his hot-headed attitude and blonde crew intact for his transition from anime to live-action. Horike signed on for the role and included Pah-chin’s forehead and chin scars.

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In addition to staying true to Pah-chin’s hair and facial scars, Horike’s iteration of Pah-chin also includes the unique partial/split eyebrows he sports in the anime and manga.

5 Takashi Mitsuya (played by Gordon Maeda)

Second Division Captain Toman, Mitsuya is played by actor Gordon Maeda. Although it looks like they decided to drop Mitsuya’s split-eyebrow look from the live-action movie, her silver hair color (aka her key feature) was kept for Maeda’s movie look.

Aside from Maeda’s stunning platinum blonde hair style, both of her costumes were perfect too! In his incredibly accurate Toman uniform and casual clothes (even down to his accessories/jewelry), Maeda looks like the real Mitsuya brought to life.

4 Osanai Nobutaka (played by Yoshiki Minato)

Actor Yoshiki Minato’s portrayal of Moebius leader Osanai was incredibly accurate compared to how he was seen in the manga and anime. Not only did they keep Osanai’s sleek blonde pompadour hairstyle, but they also made sure to include her forehead scar.

All of the Moebius uniforms seen throughout the film have clearly been carefully designed and look fantastic. Due to the plot changes that were made to the film, Osanai and Pah-chin are present for the film’s final battle. Minato’s version of Osanai can also display the red uniform as well as white.

3 Tetta Kisaki (Played by Shotaro Mamiya)

Kisaki is seen in both past and present and sports slightly different looks just like in the anime. Main antagonist Kisaki is played by Shotaro Mamiya, and although his hair (much like Hinata) has been replaced with a more natural look, he still manages to fit the role perfectly.

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Kisaki’s version of Mamiya has mostly dark brown hair, except for a few blonde streaks in the current scenes. Kisaki’s signature silver frames have also been replaced with darker frames that perhaps film better in real life.

2 Shuji Hanma (played by Hiroya Shimizu)

Hanma is Kisaki’s right-hand man and is played by the handsome Hiroya Shimizu. Shimizu can display Hanma’s past and present designs and wears them both perfectly! Hanma may not have a lot of screen time, but that didn’t stop them from putting in the effort to make sure Shimizu looks like Hanma.

Shimizu’s hair and costume are as live action accurate as possible; down to her blonde locks and her signature gold earring.

1 Childhood friends of Takemichi

  • Makoto Suzuki, Kazushi Yamagishi and Takuya Yamamoto (played by Rion Takahashi, Hinata Todo and Shunji Tagawa)

Takemichi’s friends also have a small appearance in the film. Makoto is played by Rion Takahashi, Kazushi is played by Hinata Todo, and Takuya is played by Shunji Tagawa. While Takashi’s portrayal of Makoto is picture perfect, Todo’s portrayal of Kazushi has blonde hair, and Tagawa’s portrayal of Takuya has reddish-brown hair. However, their hair colors are reversed in the anime.

Regardless, they always made sure that each of Takemichi’s childhood friends had their signature hairstyle (and in Kazushi’s case, their signature glasses as well) so fans could easily tell them apart.

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