Expert Shares Dark ‘Scary’ Reality of Having Botox and ‘Cheap’ Loads


A cosmetic beauty salon owner warned of the dangers people face if they don’t fully research cosmetic treatments before they get the job done.

Terri Clifton owns FACES Aesthetics in Aldridge where she offers Botox, skin fillers, fat dissolving injections, tattoo removal, microblading, advanced skin care and aesthetic facials.

She says it’s wrong that beauty practitioners can learn how to do Botox and dermal fillers as part of a day’s or a week’s course.

Much of Terri’s job involves emergency and corrective procedures, helping people whose treatments have gone awry as a result of seeing ill-reputable practitioners.

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It’s an issue that has been raised as a result of people trying to impersonate celebrities on the cheap and an increase in inquiries regarding invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, according to law firm Irwin Mitchell, which has an office in Birmingham.

“I’ve seen Botox classes available for £ 1,000 a day on social media, there’s no way to learn what you need to learn in a day,” said Terri, who lives in Little Bloxwich .

“It’s obviously legal because people do it, but it’s scary.

“You have to understand each associated risk before entering with a needle. I’m not sure how someone could inject themselves into a person’s face after just one day of training without knowing everything that could go wrong and how to fix it.

“Even a qualified nurse should take an appropriate course, because only a tiny percentage of a nurse’s training will have been in facial anatomy.

“I think if you want to learn how to refill, you should learn how to repair first, not the other way around.”

Example of dermal lip filling correctly performed at FACES Aesthetic

Terri spent three months at the leading SATA Aesthetics Training Academy, based in Sutton Coldfield, where she learned all about medicine and facial anatomy before embarking on four weeks of practical work.

She says the training taught her what to do in an emergency and how to deal with an anaphylactic reaction to the drugs used, which could be life-threatening if not treated immediately.

“I wouldn’t have trusted myself with a needle after just a day,” said Terri, who qualified in 2018 and says she is still learning more every day.

“I was trained by someone with 25 years of experience. After training in medicine and anatomy and submitting a module on it, I was then based in a clinic full of models two days a week. week for four weeks.

“I had made 50 people before doing treatment on a member of the public. People don’t understand the risks of what can happen. How many people are you going to treat in a day before taking General Public?”

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Terri says the repercussions of cosmetic treatments gone awry can be lifelong and life changing.

“Dermal fillers have higher risks because you can get vascular obstructions (when blood can no longer pass through a blood vessel) if you accidentally inject yourself into a blood vessel,” said Terri, who has a daughter. age five and expecting her second child soon.

“If you block the blood flow it can kill the tissue. In one in 3000 cases, this can lead to blindness in the worst case. You need to understand the anatomy of the face to know where to inject correctly.

“You see cases on social media all the time. Recently there was a girl who had a vascular occlusion. and areas of her face started to turn white.

“She questioned it and was fired. After seven hours she had white ‘cauliflower patches’ on her forehead and the sides of her nose. She came back and said something was wrong. not and we said “no, it’s okay. “

“It wasn’t until she went to the hospital that they were able to dissolve the filler and stop her blood clots. If she left it on longer, it could have caused permanent damage to the tissues on her face. “

She added: “These people should not be able to be qualified to inject. You have to know where to inject and how to aspirate beforehand to check if you are near a vessel.

“I only use hyaluronic acid in my dermal filler so it can be dissolved if needed.”

Much of Terri’s corrective work involves treating bumps on the lips, nose, and cheeks where people have been injected incorrectly or “overloaded.”

“A lot of young people seem to want a good deal and don’t really care about anything else, it’s scary,” Terri said.

“I have corrected people who have switched to dermal fillers aged 26. It is a very young age to have this treatment.”

Her regular customers choose FACES Aesthetics for the “natural aesthetic” look that Terri creates. Botox costs around £ 140 for one area or £ 220 for three areas, which are usually the brow line, forehead, and crow’s feet. Dermal fillers cost around £ 220 depending on the region.

“When done right the aesthetics are amazing,” she said, “I’m proud of my results that people won’t be able to tell, they will just have people commenting on the fact that they are really good.

“I wouldn’t allow someone to go too far or get addicted to it.

“My clientele tends to be people between the ages of 28 and 70. Most middle-aged people come to me several times and look into the matter thoroughly first.

“I turn people down if I don’t like the look they’re trying to create. I hate the look that looks like a blow-up doll.”

She added, “I use a softer lip filler, which lasts for about six to nine months, and a deeper cheek, jaw, and nose filler that lasts nine to 12 months. I won’t see one again. client within six to nine months and only then if they needed it.

“A lot of people have their noses reconstructed this way. People can pay around £ 6,000 for surgery, but it only costs around £ 200 for a new nose that lasts for a year. people who want more confidence.

“Before the aesthetic, people paid between £ 40-60 for a standard facial and took one every four to six weeks. Now they pay an affordable price and see results instantly that last much longer. people want instant treatment these days, they want to see results right away. It’s very profitable for people. “

Law firm Irwin Mitchell, which has an office in Birmingham, said it has seen an increase in the number of inquiries regarding invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

“The pressure on young people to adopt a certain appearance is increasing due to social media and popular TV shows, among others,” said Jenna Harris, partner at Irwin Mitchell.

“We have seen an increase in the number of inquiries regarding invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures and our clients who have had cosmetic surgery gone wrong often find themselves with physical and emotional pain. “

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