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Fan-made animation teases Chris Pratt as Mario (plus Bonus Luigi)

This fun project won’t ease the minds of Nintendo fans scared of the prospect of Chris Pratt’s Mario.

Chris Pratt Paper Mario Wallpaper

This upcoming holiday should mark an important chapter in Nintendo’s history, not because of a new game or a new console, but rather because of the expected premiere of the new Super Mario Bros. movie. However, expectations for how Chris Pratt will sound as Mario has fans finding ingenious ways to make him easier to imagine.

Pratt’s casting reveal came during Nintendo’s latest Direct event, which also announced the guardians of the galaxy The star would be joined by Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen and Fred Armisen, as well as longtime Mario actor Charles Martinet in a mystery role. Among these names, Pratt’s immediately stood out, despite the fact that the producers of the Mario movie supported the actor’s skills for the job.


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Regardless, artists of all kinds across the internet have taken to creating mashups of all kinds featuring Pratt’s past voiceover work, like Kevin Temmer Tunes whose fully animated Mario won’t necessarily allay fan fears. In this case, the artist achieved this result by using “Rig Mario Bros.“, a tool created for Autodesk Maya 3D animation software, to blend one of Pratt’s most touching lines from The Lego Movie for purely comedic purposes.

While the result shouldn’t be considered anything more than a fun experience, it’s obvious that Emmet’s voice from The Lego Movie is far from suitable for Mario, even if the lip-syncing and animation work seems on point. As if that weren’t enough, the artist went the extra mile to pay homage to Mario’s brother, using the exact same tools to tease an unsettling version of Day as Luigi, using a few lines of Philadelphia is always sunny.

It’s probably safe to say that these are a far cry from what Nintendo fans will get when the first Mario movie trailer or teaser comes out, every time it’s happened since. Luigi’s mansion 3 would have been scarier and a totally different game with this version of Luigi. This is all pretty understandable, as Martinet’s Mario voice is so iconic that it’s pretty hard to imagine anyone else stepping up to the task.

The still untitled Super Mario movie will be one of many exciting projects for Nintendo in 2022, especially now that rumors of a potential Mario Kart the announcement is coming faster than ever, along with games like Splaton 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 also on the horizon.

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