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Final Fantasy 14: With new C5S action, more than 30,000 players take up the challenge

Final Fantasy 14 received its 6.2 update, Buried Memory, and rolled out just a few weeks ago, featuring the new Island Sanctuary, and the new Pandaemonium: Abyssos raid. And last week, Square Enix rolled out the Savage version of the Abyssos raid, with the Eis Renard group taking just 31 hours to beat.

The day after the world’s first elimination, knowledge of how to complete its many challenges spread through the community, and now the Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage) raid can take 5-10 hours depending on the abilities and skills of the team. We know that FFXIV Raid Data shared player logs from Final Fantasy 14 raids.


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More importantly, FFXIV Raid Data has shared an animated graphic of how players are placed during the raid and the damage they have taken. The total number of players is displayed on the left. You can see how many players died or how many players are still there. Each dance is color coded by the player based on the damage they have taken.

Anyone who’s played Final Fantasy XIV knows that the stamina challenges these raids turn into require a lot of positional changes, but seeing them change position from above shows that players are very impressed with their designs when they reposition themselves. Among the hardest times in the raid, the red design reflects a player death.

If the player is unlucky to succeed, the design becomes more synchronized. This will help to change the performance level of players, based on how well their players perform.

If you missed it, Update 6.2 brought a curious conclusion to the real estate lottery problem earlier this year. Many players are seeing their bids return, while some players have won a new house, which has brought them great luck. If they don’t take the refunded gil, players have been asked to donate their offerings in exchange for certain in-game cosmetics.