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FlipBuilder is a top-notch free catalog builder software

Catalogs help increase brand awareness and sales. FlipBuilder’s free catalog maker software offers all the tools needed to create captivating catalogs for use online.

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Hong Kong, China — (Release Wire) — 01/25/2022 — Catalogs are a great marketing tool. If used correctly, they can convince viewers to purchase the displayed items. Free catalog maker software makes it easy to create beautiful and captivating catalogs. You no longer have to depend on expensive designers and printers to produce professional catalogs. Online catalogs are more in line with the current trend of online shopping. Plus, they save paper, printing and distribution costs. FlipBuilder is one of the best free catalog building software on the market today.

Building a stronger brand is one of the goals of publishing a catalog. Putting a company and its products in constant view of potential customers helps keep them at the forefront of people’s minds. So when people need something, they think of that brand first. FlipBuilder’s free catalog creation software offers dynamic customization options, including the ability to add website logos and icons to the toolbar and catalog pages, as well as branding videos for the catalog loading.

A good catalog must also hold the viewers’ attention. If product images can be engaging, imagine if readers could have a more immersive experience! With this free catalog maker software, users can add video, audio, animation, photo gallery and hyperlinks to their catalogs. Product descriptions will come to life and viewers can imagine the product being used, which will make them more eager to buy. Purchasing will also be easier – a hyperlink to the purchase page is more effective than asking the customer to go to a website to buy what they need.

Social media has become a business hub. It’s a great place to advertise, build a following, and increase engagement with potential customers. FlipBuilder’s free catalog maker software makes it easy to share catalogs on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google Plus and other platforms. Enabling the share option on the catalog toolbar allows social media users to quickly share it with their followers. Knowledge is power. This free catalog maker software includes Google Analytics so users can track the performance of their catalogs and make any necessary adjustments.

“Our free catalog builder gets right to the heart of effective marketing with its advanced features,” says Fermi Huang, Chief Engineer of FlipBuilder.

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