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FlipBuilder launches free picture book maker

“Free Picture Book Maker”

The free picture book maker allows creators to use images and media to enhance people’s understanding.

The scope of a picture book is not limited to the presentation of products. It can be a first-hand source of information on the latest news, such as fashion trends, perfumes, hairstyles and many other topics, based around the world. However, putting together a decent picture book is quite a challenge if there are no professional designers on board. Flip PDF Plus Pro is the latest software tool provided by FlipBuilder. Like a free picture book makerFlip PDF Plus Pro can help users create satisfying e-books for various uses.

Teachers can also use this free picture book maker to make digital textbooks more attractive and engaging. Adding text and inserting illustrated audio is an easy job with the help of Flip PDF Plus Pro. In addition to developing children’s language skills, picture books can inspire visual thinking in children. The illustrations in picture books help them understand what they are reading. They can analyze stories and link them to illustrations to help understand story concepts and build understanding.

This free picture book maker also helps creators in a very interactive way. They can add images, videos, audio files, animations and other interactive elements to turn their creations into visually appealing picture books that are easy to follow and understand. The simplicity of this free picture book software makes it ideal for everyone from students and teachers to business owners, sales reps, marketers, and anyone else looking to showcase their photos, product images or manuals in a fresh and attractive way.

“I am proud to announce our new, cutting-edge, innovative software to all of our customers around the world,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder. “We are so optimistic that our free picture book maker with updated features will bring users a unique and unparalleled experience. And our inspiring page-turning books can also be viewed smoothly on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and desktop computers.

For more information about this free picture book maker, please visit FlipBuilderName.

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