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FlipBuilder offers a free flipbook maker with tons of features

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The free flipbook maker is packed with features to beautify posts and captivate audiences.

FlipBuilder unveiled a free flipbook maker with tons of features to turn PDF files into embedded multimedia flipbooks. The software, Flip PDF Plus Pro, has a powerful media editor that helps create inspiring publications that display smoothly on all screens. It speeds up the process by providing beautifully designed templates to help customize posts with interactive effects. Creators can generate awesome flipbooks by adding elements like YouTube videos, hyperlinks, images, phone numbers, shopping carts, shapes, etc.

The free flipbook maker has the ability to convert flipbooks to different formats. It allows users to develop projects in the form of presentation, video, e-book, and other formats that provide engaging reading experiences for audiences. Creators will definitely appreciate Flip PDF Plus Pro’s voice assistant, which allows them to add audio to pages with synchronized scrolling text integration. Using this feature, they can create interactive presentations for children’s storybooks and language books for online learners.

“At FlipBuilder, we look at the needs of our customers to provide them with all the tools necessary to make publications work for them,” says Ivan Leung, CTO of FlipBuilder. “Our free flipbook maker is an advanced tool that helps you build brand awareness, credibility and audience engagement. Its features have the power to take your business to the next level using responsive flipbooks that tap into people’s emotions.

Multimedia and animation editor is the most remarkable feature of this free flipbook maker. This facet allows creators to add videos in their posts to entice readers to stay longer while browsing flipbook pages. With this editor, they have the option to add online video files, insert local videos or embed video genetic codes to their flipbooks to enhance the visual appeal, making them more interactive and engaging. If they have more information to include in the post, using videos is the way to go.

Along with the video, users can add text and images for detailed illustrations so that the audience can quickly understand the main ideas. Listening to audio while scrolling through text and images immerses readers in the content of the flipbook, which can persuade them to take action. Audio, images, and text work in harmony to deliver a lot of information people are looking for.

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