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FlipBuilder offers flip book creator to simplify flip book creation

FlipBuilder’s new flipbook creator, Flip PDF Plus Pro, designed to provide high-end digital publishing solutions to users from all walks of life, has been well received by users and readers.

“Our versatility flip book maker can help create a variety of digital works, whether magazines, catalogs or brochures can be tweaked in Flip PDF Plus Pro to effectively deliver their specific meaning and value. We are focused on satisfying and empowering customers, aiming to provide a professional and creative flipbook creation experience,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder.

Flip book creation on Flip PDF Plus Pro starts with quick and effortless PDF/image to flip book transformation. It is worth mentioning that the flip book maker supports batch conversion, which saves a lot of time. Dozens of pre-designed templates, themes and scenes are ready for appearance beautification. Just click to select, and the flip book will get the corresponding effect applied. Featured with simple and straightforward operations on flip book creation, Flip PDF Plus Pro also encourages customization settings to fully meet users’ needs to be personalized and unique. Besides direct application, themes, scenes, settings, multi-language and other book configurations can be saved as separate templates for the next quick creation. The flipbook will speak for authors and brands by customizing toolbar settings from colors to buttons and adding logos.

The editor is the key to completely unleashing users’ creativity and engaging their readers. Flip Book Creator – Flip PDF Plus Pro supports embedding online videos and local videos as they are of great importance in attracting readers with lively scenes and providing more information. Additionally, text, images, audio, QR codes, shapes and other media elements can be added to enrich the content of the flip book. Links, phone calls, pop-ups, animation effects, etc., which are used as trigger actions help to increase interaction with readers, allowing users to directly connect with readers and to some extent improve the performance of the company.

This flip book maker makes it easy to share the finished flip book via QR code, link and social platforms to reach wider audience. It not only simplifies flip book creation with an intuitive interface and easy drag and drop, but also provides password settings to protect flip book privacy. All operations on it are done by clicking, with no coding skill requirements.

For more information about flip book maker, please visit FlipBuilderName.

About FlipBuilder Software Co., Ltd.

FlipBuilder is an innovative and professional digital publishing platform, providing the best solution to convert static PDF files into beautiful online flipbooks. From design to delivery, we focus on ease of use and operating power. Unlike traditional print publications on paper, you can create a stylish digital magazine online in several steps.