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FlipHTML5 – The Best PDF eBook Creator for All Content Types

E-books are a great way to showcase digital content. FlipHTML5’s PDF eBook creator enhances static PDFs, adding interactive elements and making them engaging for readers.

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Hong Kong, China — (Release Wire) — 01/17/2022 — eBooks are a great way to reach a large audience with content. More and more people are replacing printed volumes with e-books because of their convenience. PDFs have long been the generally accepted format for e-books. But now there’s a more engaging way to showcase digital content: a flipbook. There’s no need to ditch PDFs altogether; a PDF eBook Creator is the perfect compromise. And FlipHTML5 is the perfect PDF e-book creator.

FlipHTML5 is an easy-to-use PDF e-book creator that even amateurs can use to create outstanding digital content. It automatically converts PDF files into interactive page-turning books. Users don’t need any coding or technical skills. They just import the PDF and the PDF eBook Creator does all the hard work. There are even dozens of templates, themes, backgrounds and scenes to beautify the eBook.

Although PDFs are useful, they can be boring because they are limited to text and images. FlipHTML5 PDF e-book creator will make any PDF more attractive by allowing users to add various media elements. Audio, videos and animation effects will bring any post to life and give readers a more enjoyable viewing experience. Publishers can also add hyperlinks to their eBooks with this PDF eBook creator.

Another disadvantage of PDF files is endless scrolling. FlipHTML5’s PDF e-book creator creates e-books that readers can flip through like a physical book. Readers can navigate by scrolling, clicking on the corners of pages, or using the next and previous buttons. Pages can flip horizontally or vertically and there is a realistic page flipping sound effect. Publishers can insert a table of contents to make it easier to find pages in the eBook.

Distributing e-books is a breeze with this PDF e-book creator. After the eBook creation process is completed, it can be uploaded to the FlipHTML5 cloud. The PDF eBook Creator will also generate a link which can be used to share the eBook via email or social media and an embed code to embed the eBook on websites and blogs. eBooks can also be published in offline formats.

“A PDF e-book creator is an ingenious way to make a PDF file more interesting,” says Anna Lee, designer of FlipHTML5.

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FlipHTML5 is a useful tool for converting static PDFs into dynamic and attractive flipbooks.

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