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Gal Gadot Does Something Totally New in Disney’s Snow White Live-Action Movie

A jealous and bitter person, the evil queen of the 1937 film “Snow White” (Lucille La Verne) went to great lengths to be the most beautiful in the country. This leads her to disguise herself as a witch and offer Snow White (Adriana Caselotti) a poisoned apple, sending her into a sleep that only true love’s kiss can break. Not only will Gal Gadot’s take on the antagonist likely cover similar ground in the upcoming “Snow White” remake, but she’ll also have a whole lot more to do, pushing Gadot into largely uncharted action waters in the process.

“I can do something different. I can sing, and I can dance, and I can play the bad guy, which I’ve never done before,” Gadot said in an April 19, 2022 interview with Forbes. , highlighting how remarkable it is that she could put her own spin on Disney’s first-ever villain. She goes on to praise the cast and crew for making the project such a pleasure to work on and notes that the experience was great overall. In conclusion, she hints that this version of the Evil Queen lives up to her name, giving fans something to think about before getting into it.

As of this writing, “Snow White” doesn’t have a release date, but until any production issues get derailed, we shouldn’t be waiting long to see Gal Gadot’s take on the sadly famous Evil Queen.