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Torsten says, "This picture shows Johnny Mars. He is not the most famous bluesman, but has taken the blues harp into new ways inspired by Jimi Hendrix's way of handling a guitar, but with the harp instead. The picture was taken on the 29th of September 1978 at the Students' House in Gothenburg. The band behind Johnny Mars was Swedish and called the Broderna Horbergs Blues Band. In the same night played the Son Seals Blues Band as the main attraction." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 52k.

"Next is a picture is of Sam Lightnin' Hopkins taken at the Students' House the 20th of November 1977. The picture is not too good, but the object sure was. Sam's repertoire was a mix between his own songs and covers like Baby Please Don't Go, Ray Charles' Mary Ann, and Key To The Highway. He had two young American musicians with him on bass and drums. Sam seemed to enjoy himself and talked a lot between the tunes, which resulted in good contact with the audience." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 26k.

"Here is a picture of Clifton Chenier with his Red Hot Louisiana Band, including his brother Cleveland on rub board!, taken at the Students' House (as usual) on the 11th of May 1979. His music is a little bit confusing to me, since it is a mix of blues, R&B; and the French language cajun songs played in waltz rhythm. However, Clifton was dominant on the scene with the rest of the band doing their job." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 35k.

"The next picture is of Cousin Joe from New Orleans. The picture was taken at the Gothenburg Concert Hall three days before his 70th birthday, the 18th of December, 1977. He sang, played the piano, and made funny comments between the songs. He had a broad repertoire, doing songs like In The Evening and an imitation of Louis Armstrong in Blueberry Hill." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 29k.

"I was really impressed with Otis Rush and his Chicago blues band. This was probably the best concert I've been to. He has a very soulful voice and plays the guitar in a personal way. As you see, he is lefthanded and plays his Gibson guitar with the thick strings downwards. From this date, I bought all his records, but I think that many of the records are not as good as they should be. Although I think his latest record Ain't Enough Comin' In is very good, I also like his Cotillion records from '69. This picture was taken at the Students' House on the 22nd of October 1977." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 29k.

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