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"The next picture is a shot of Johnny Shines taken at the Students' House in Gothenburg in February 1978. Johnny Shines was an oldtimer. He even toured with Robert Johnson in the 30's. During this concert, he was backed by a local Swedish band called Crossroad Blues. He played everything from country blues to hard Chicago blues. The sad thing with my pictures is that so many of the artists are dead and gone." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 47k.

"This picture of Jimmy Johnson was taken at the Students' House the 13th of November 1979. Jimmy Johnson was one of the artists in a package (called the Chicago All Stars Band, or something like that). The others were Johnny 'Big Moose' Walker, Lefty Dizz, and Willie James Lyons. I think Odie Payne played the drums. I don't know about the bass player. Jimmy Johnson is one of my favorite artists. I always look forward to new records from him. I like his soul-blues music, and he has a special singing with his high voice." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 15k.

"Here is a picture of guitarist Lefty Dizz from the same occasion as Jimmy Johnson." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 24k.

"This is also from the same session as Jimmy Johnson. Guitarist Willie James Lyons did a great version of She's Nineteen Years Old (a Muddy Waters song, I think)." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 24k.

"The J.B. Hutto picture was taken at the usual place on the 29th of March 1977. He brought the Houserockers with him, the guys who played with Hound Dog Taylor, who had died 15 months earlier. You see Ted Harvey in the background, and Brewer Phillips played second guitar. This was really rough blues music. It didn't matter if they played perfectly as long as everybody had a party. It's really the opposite of Albert King. He wanted everything to be perfect on stage." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 40k.

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