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"The Eddie Boyd picture was taken on the 12th of November 1977 at the Gothenburg Students' House. He played with the Swedish band Broderna Horberg. For me, he is mainly the man who wrote Five Long Years and Third Degree. Great songs. Eddie Boyd lived in Finland and was married to a Finnish woman." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 22k.

"The Jimmy Rogers picture was taken at the same place but on the 4th of October 1979. He toured with Left Hand Frank. I have some picture of him as well, but I think I'll leave them for another time. For me, Jimmy Rogers is the guy who wrote the great Walking By Myself. Of course he did the song on stage. Great song. He must have been an important member of Muddy Waters' band in the 50's." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 31k.

"The Roy Brown picture was taken at the usual place on the 1st of March 1978. He played with a famous Swedish blues band called Rolf Wikstromīs Hjartslag (which means Heartbeat), plus two guys blowing their horns. I especially remember this concert. As people were sitting waiting for the show to begin, you could hear somebody sing with a very strong voice "Rocks is my pillow, the cold ground is my bed, the highway is my home, so I might as well be dead." That was Roy Brown coming in from behind singing Hard Luck Blues." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 34k.

"The John Mayall picture was taken the 24th of April 1979 at the Gothenburg Concert Hall. He always seems to get hold of great musicians in his band. This time he had James Quill Smith on guitar. At this period, he was a little bit from the blues, playing some kind of blues-rock-funk, but the blues was always there. He played a long harmonica solo, walking around among the public playing Room To Move. He played a gig in Gothenburg recently. After the show, everybody in the band put together the equipment, including John Mayall. So he sure ainīt no diva." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 34k.

"This is Son Seals from the same night as the Johnny Mars picture -- the 29th of September 1978 at the Students' House in Gothenburg. The Son Seals Blues Band was the main attraction that night. I really liked his Midnight Son record." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 24k.

"Here is a picture of Lacy Gibson and A.C. Reed. They were in the Son Seals band -- Gibson on the guitar, and Reed on the sax. Both of them have made solo records. A.C. Reed is a little bit limited, but I have a Lacy Gibson LP that is one of my favorite LP's. Apart from being a good guitar player, he is really a good singer." Click to see the larger jpeg. It's 53k.

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