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Genshin Impact’s Most Improved Character Is Fun, Cute And Powerful

An image of Kokomi from Genshin Impact.

Picture: HoYover

I didn’t try to recruit Kokomi, the water element healer, on her first limited release. Instead, I chose to skip it for Childe, the water-based archer who can kill packs of enemies in seconds. I regret it now. After spending over a hundred wishes to get Childe (which would have cost around $300 if I had purchased gacha packs individually, instead of running quests for them), I finally replaced it with the Newly upgraded Kokomi. Attention, Hydro family: DPS Kokomi is here, and it’s a human turret.

Kokomi was widely mocked when launched to be a more expensive version of Barbara, another Hydro-element healer. Her reception only got worse when players realized that a passive skill she had was preventing her from scoring critical hits. the Genshin community even coined the term “Kokopium“, for the seemingly vain hope that she would be discovered not to be that bad, or that his kit would eventually improve.

Of course, all of this could have been avoided if the Set of clams in ocean hues was there when she first joined the game. This set of artifacts allows a character to process Additional damage whenever they overheal, and it was tailor-made for Kokomi. Equipping it with this catapults its damage into respectable 5-star limited character territory. She’s still a support character, but now her damage output finally helps justify her gacha rarity a bit more.

Kokomi stands alongside his soldiers.

Picture: HoYover

In truth, it was mostly her damage cap limit that was holding her back. Unlike a recent character that was so buggy HoYoverse was have to apologize, Kokomi’s skills have always been well implemented. The jellyfish she spawns with her elemental skill can not only heal your allies, but also apply a consistent “wet” status to nearby enemies. This makes it easy to achieve powerful “spray” and “freeze” reactions. Oh boy: I haven’t had this much fun since I became Main Zhongli.

And her healing abilities have always been great, so she’s practically a tank. Sometimes I “forget” to ask Zhongli to cast a shield before swapping it out, as Kokomi will soon refill her own health bar anyway. Playing as Kokomi is fun because her playstyle is super forgiving of mistakes and experimentation. And where players made fun of her for not being able to use critical hits, not having to give her items that improve crit percentage actually gives me more leeway to improve her other stats. Not having to optimize every artifact for crits took a huge weight off my shoulders.

Full disclosure: I generally don’t care about the Endgame Spiral Abyss mode. What I To do worry about running towards a group of enemies in the overworld, hitting Kokomi’s jellyfish, and raining down Ganyu’s or Shenhe’s ice burst to freeze them all in their tracks. Mona’s aggro-draw Ghost skill can technically do the same thing, but it doesn’t heal. Do you want consistent damage without having to call on the RNG gods? Kokomi can do it. Do you want care? Hydro demand? The most beautiful attack animations of all The Inazuma region line up? Kokomi isn’t the best at one thing in particular, but she’s now superb at multiple things at once. It’s a fitting skill set for the revered tactician of Watatsumi’s army. I love him for that.

Best of all, I found it to be extremely cheap to build. I grabbed his signature weapon free during the Enkanomiya Event. I have also had good results with the Amber Prototype Catalyst, which you can easily craft at any forge. The best part about Kokomi’s build is that she has an absurd conversion of HP to damage with her elemental burst (an ultimate that gives her additional passive abilities). So if the HP Weapons or Artifacts you’ve collected have gathered dust, Kokomi wants them. Like any good tactician, she carries you along even when you aren’t giving her your best.

Mona is still the vaping queen. Childe is still the king of shredding large groups of enemies. Ayato stacks critical hits on anything he comes in contact with. The best part of playing Genshin is that everyone has their own niche within the meta. Instead of being a one-person army, Kokomi is the one support character I can always rely on, and I love her for it.