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Godot Engine 4.0 Adds Movie Maker Mode

In addition to Vulkan rendering and the plethora of other improvements made with Godot 4.0a late v4.0 addition for this highly successful open-source game engine introduces a movie-making mode.

Similar to various proprietary game engines adding movie/animation production functionality for use cases ranging from creating animated movies to pre-recorded cutscenes for games, Godot 4.0 adds its own movie making mode .

Godot 4.0 Movie Maker was designed with this in mind for creating game trailers, cut scenes for use in video games, pre-recorded procedurally generated animations or motion design, and for comparing the visual output of various technical graphics/shaders/rendering settings. Currently, this new Godot Engine feature supports output formats MJPEG in AV1 container and PNG image sequences with WAV audio.

More details on the Movie Maker mode that comes with Godot 4.0 can be found via the Godot Engine Blog.

The Godot documentation has more information on how to create movies using this new movie maker feature.