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Godot Engine 4.0 gets a Movie Maker

With Godot engine 4.0 is slowly approaching release, developers are still connecting huge features to this free and open source game engine as a Filmmaker. It’s something that other game engines have too, so it’s nice to see it landing in Godot. This should make it easier for developers to create game trailers and use Godot for other projects as well.

According to their blog post, it could be used to:

  • Recording game trailers for promotional purposes.
  • Recording cutscenes that will be displayed as pre-recorded videos in the final game. This allows higher quality settings (at the expense of file size) to be used regardless of player hardware.
  • Recording of procedurally generated animations or motion design. User interaction is still possible during video recording, and audio can also be included (although you won’t be able to hear it while the video is recording).
  • Compare the visual output of graphics settings, shaders, or rendering techniques in an animated scene.

Some benefits they listed instead of just recording gameplay:

  • Use all graphics settings (including extremely demanding settings) regardless of your hardware capabilities. The output video will always have a perfect frame rate; it will never exhibit dropped frames or stuttering. Faster hardware will allow you to render a given animation in less time, but the visual output remains the same.
  • Render at a higher frame rate than the video’s target frame rate, then post-process to generate high-quality motion blur. It also improves the appearance of effects that converge across multiple frames (such as temporal antialiasing, SDFGI, and volumetric fog).

They also showed an example video made with:

Godot 4.0 is shaping up to be a really ridiculously big upgrade for game developers. Earlier this month, the 4th Beta of Godot 4.0 has been released.

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