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Goku As A Disney Animation Character Is As Adorable As You Expected

Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise is reimagined as a Disney character in the new 3D animation style in a delightful piece of fan art.

dragonball‘s Goku is reimagined as an animated Disney character and the result is as adorable as it sounds. dragonball is a manga series that was intended to be animated. The original anime adaptation first appeared in 1986, just two years after its manga debut. Written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, and loosely based on the Chinese novel Travel west, the series centers on Goku and his many adventures with his allies, battling villains and collecting the titular items that hold the power to grant any wish. The original series was followed by the even more popular Dragon Ball Zan anime exclusive sequel Dragon Ball GTand an official sequel Dragon Ball Super.


dragonball has received a number of film adaptations that usually feature an original story. The Dragon Ball Z the films notably featured the introduction of characters such as Cooler, Super Android 13, and the popular Broly. A Hollywood-produced live-action feature film titled Dragon Ball Evolution was released in 2009, only to be panned by critics and audiences due to its lack of connection to the source material. After a seventeen-year hiatus, a fully animated feature film, written by Akira Toriyama, was released titled Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods to wide acclaim and launched a new era of animation dragonball movies.

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With dragonball retaining its animation roots for the foreseeable future, an artist by the name of Joshua Van Rose has gone a step further. Via her ArtStation account, Rose teased what Goku might look like if Walt Disney Animation Studios tried to make an adaptation of the popular series. The art features a very well-rendered and adorable Goku in his familiar blue gi from the original series, wielding his power pole and carrying a single Dragon Ball on his people. Van Rose states that he used Xgen to render the character.

This 3D version of Goku revives a Dragon Ball debate

The use of 3D in dragonball is not new, because the most recent film Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes was rendered entirely in CGI. However, the response to this has been divisive among fans and the response to fan art has had similar sentiments with some debates over whether a dragonball a movie in this style of animation would work. Van Rose posted the artwork on September 27, 2022, where people immediately took it down and reposted it as if it were an officially announced Disney movie. While some were amused and impressed with the look, others weren’t so nice and took umbrage with the “announcement”, unaware that it was just fan art. Despite all of this, Van Rose wasn’t hurt at all and found the responses quite humorous.

The Walt Disney Company bought 20th Century Fox in 2019 and with it came the film rights to dragonball. Disney has the option of adapting it, but they don’t seem interested in doing so at this time. Additionally, the film rights are for a live-action adaptation only, with the animation film rights held by Toei Animation. While it would certainly be interesting to see how Disney would handle and all the characters associated with dragonball in their own style of animation, it doesn’t seem likely that such a film will happen anytime soon.

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Credit: Joshua Van Rose/ArtStation