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Goku’s Ultra Instinct Is More Epic Than Ever In New Fan Animation

Bosslogic is known for creating stunning digital art, and after animating Goku in his powerful Ultra Instinct form, he really outdid himself!

The Saiyan known as Goku is dragonballthe strongest and best-known Z-Fighter, and now thanks to a new fan animation collaboration, his Ultra Instinct form is transformed into an electrifying viral video of epic proportions!

A joint effort posted on Instagram by @bosslogic and @konceptochannel, these creators are known for their unique and intriguing takes on nerd culture and creating art that simply looks cool. With a greater focus on digital art, Bosslogic consistently releases content that any comic book, TV, or movie fan would enjoy. Meanwhile, Juan Manuel is all about digital animation, as he frequently shares wild cartoons, text, and, of course, nerd-related content.


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A piece that sees Juan Manuel animate Bosslogic’s badass cartoon Goku as he rises to an unprecedented level of power in the dragonball universe, Ultra Instinct is a technique that Goku only recently mastered, but immediately turned into a fan-favorite form after his debut. Allowing Goku to act purely on instinct, this version of the character puts all of his other forms to shame – Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God, and *deep breath* Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan forms included.

Zoomed in and animated in shadow as electricity crackles around him, Goku is drawn floating high in the air against a dark background; his frightening level of oncoming power immediately revealed by the slowly increasing lightning around his body. Backed by an audio track that has Goku screaming at this new transformation, the animation zooms out as the lighting hits Goku full force, giving way to an original beat that drops hard, finally showcasing Goku in all his Ultra glory. Instinct.

Additionally, a handful of boulders float through the air behind Goku after transforming, acting as a demonstration of his newfound power, with Juan Maneul continuing to accentuate Bosslogic’s impressive art by subtly animating parts of Goku’s body, such as her arms, her hair and her hair. ripped clothes for maximum effect. Ending the animation with electricity crackling around Goku’s floating form, the image fades to black, where Goku’s silver hair becomes the last thing fans see before watching this wildly creative video for a second. , a third and even a fourth time.

This artistic dragonball collaboration between Bosslogic (@bosslogic) and Juan Manuel (@konceptochannel) somehow made Goku even more badass than usual, so let’s hope it’s perfect Ultra Instinct piece isn’t the last time these two creative talents will create something unique together!

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