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Great Beauty and the Beast movies that aren’t Disney

Every time someone talks about The beauty and the Beast, there is a good chance that they will talk about the blow disney adaptation. This makes sense, especially considering that it was Disney’s version that may have popularized the story in popular media. However, it may delight fans of fairy tales to know that The beauty and the Beast isn’t just something that existed in the Disney movie bubble.

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On the contrary, it may be in the interest of fans of fairy tales that there are in fact other films which tell or develop Beauty & The Beast outside of its usual representation. However, what are these versions of The beauty and the Beast, and what makes some of them worth watching?

ten Bestial (2011)


One could argue that Bestial is far from being a “great” film, but its eccentricity and its take on the The beauty and the Beast the story is worth exploring if not for the sake of analysis. Set in modern-day New York, the film features arrogant Kyle Kingson, his bullying classmate Kendra Hilferty, who unbeknownst to her is a witch. Cursing him for becoming scarred and away from his vain appearance, Kendra tells Kyle that he must find true love next spring or be doomed to stay in that guise forever.

Kyle would eventually find solace in Lindy Taylore, a former classmate he had initially avoided. Various encounters reportedly led the two to develop a friendship, which blossomed into a romance they were never able to admit. Due to its narrative take, Bestial is perhaps the “best” bad adaptation of the The beauty and the Beast story. But those who plan to binge The beauty and the Beast adaptations may still want


9 The Blood of Beasts (2005)

blood of beasts

Fans looking for a unique release The beauty and the Beast might appreciate blood of beasts, which is a retelling of the story but set in the Viking Age. Here, King Thorsson is ill and wants to make a pilgrimage to a cursed island, home to a terrible beast. Freya, Thorsson’s daughter, is betrothed to the warrior Sven after her lover Agnar goes missing. Hoping to save her father and reunite with her lover, Freya travels to the island.

Much to his surprise, she eventually encounters the Beast on the island and begins a friendship with him. And while viewers already know what would happen in the rest of the story, the unique setting used is a retelling of the same story, especially if fans want to keep an eye out for theme changes and the narrative that the new parameter would be. need.

8 Beauty and the Beast (1976)

Beauty and the Beast 1976

the The beauty and the Beast from 1976 served as Hallmark Channel’s take on the fairy tale, this time with real-life couple Trish Van Devere and George Scott as Beauty and the Beast, respectively.

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While the film adapts much of the original story, it’s interesting how older films try to have their own take on Beast’s appearance throughout each adaptation. This time around, George Scott’s Beast takes on the appearance of a man with a boar’s snout, countering a Belle with a steely personality that would eventually soften, and at the same time teaching the Beast to realize that true love is .

seven Beauty and the Beast (1987)

Beauty and the Beast 1987

by Disney The beauty and the Beast is not the only film to be part of a series of fairy tales, because The beauty and the Beast in 1987 was also part of a series of fairy tale adaptations. The latter, in particular, became the version of The beauty and the Beast for the Cannon Movie Tales series, which also came in the form of a musical.

While the story itself stems directly from the original material, the 1987 film has four original songs. And while those songs aren’t quite as catchy as the Disney film, the 1987 film presents a nostalgic take on the 1980s in both visuals, soundtrack, and direction that would give fans of the fairy tale a nostalgic stroll.

6 Beauty and the Beast (2014)

Beauty and the Beast

Of all The beauty and the Beast adaptations is The beauty and the Beast of 2014 which could have the most mixed reception. An adaptation of the original 1740 fairy tale by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villenueve, the film is notable for its stylistic use of contrast and color, having a more painterly vibe compared to other film adaptations.

While international audiences criticize the story and overall narrative, many French critics say The beauty and the Beast has by far the most differentiating take on the story from the original material. Despite its lackluster reception, The beauty and the Beast remains an interesting watch for fans looking for a new take on the The beauty and the Beast story that doesn’t deviate too much from the main themes of the story.

5 Penelope (2006)


Although not necessarily a direct adaptation of the story, Penelope shares enough elements of The beauty and the Beast that fans might consider it an adaptation, perhaps from the context of its themes. With Catherine O’Hara and James McAvoy, Penelope tells the story of Penelope, a girl cursed by a witch to have a pig’s nose due to the actions of her ancestors. The only way to break the curse is to be loved by someone “of your kind”.

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Interpreting this as being loved by someone of the same social status, Penelope’s parents try to pair her up with various people. Penelope falls in love with John Martin, a man with a troubling past. The story may be romantic to some degree, but many of its themes are still quite important to a younger generation of viewers – loving yourself is just as important as loving another person.

4 Jane Eyre (2011)

Jane Eyre

fans of The beauty and the Beast could claim that the Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte’s novel is very similar to the aforementioned story. After all, both stories revolve around a young woman who falls in love with a beast and eventually transforms him into a better man. This time, Jane Eyre is about how the proverbial protagonist ends up becoming the governess of the mansion owned by stern Edward Rochester.

The key to Jane EyreThe story of is how benevolent Jane Eyre will eventually change the nature of Rochester, essentially “transforming” him from a sinful man into someone worthy even of Jane’s love. It is this transformation that remains the key to the attractiveness of Jane Eyre, the 2011 film being considered one of the best films of the year.

3 The Beautician and the Beast (1997)

The beautician and the beast

Of all the adaptations of The beauty and the Beast, none would have the same appeal as The beautician and the beast. This alternative takes the The beauty and the Beast formula would have made beautician Joy Miller the guardian of the children of Boris Pochenko, a dictator of an Eastern European country. Despite her bad impressions, Joy will eventually transform the hardened Boris into a more loving man.

What might be interesting The beautician and the beast is its theme of cultural differences, which it tackles beautifully despite being an old film. Apart The beauty and the Beast, the film is also inspired by The sound of music, Avoided, and The king and me for its themes and direction.

2 The Scarlet Flower (1952)

scarlet flower

Apart from Disney The beauty and the Beast, other countries seem to have created their own animated shorts that might deserve praise for smooth visuals and a rather unique take on stories. Such is the case of The scarlet flower, a 1952 animated short that tells a Russian view of the The beauty and the Beast story.

In the story, a girl named Nastenka asks her merchant father to bring her a scarlet flower from his trip abroad. However, a series of events would bring him to a mysterious island with beautiful flowers and a horrible tree spirit that served as his guardian. This short love story would make Nastenka discover that the spirit of the tree was in fact a prince, cursed by a witch. Despite its predictable story, it’s so refreshing to see an old animated film with the crisp visuals of hand-drawn images.

1 The Shape of Water (2017)

shape in water

Fans of romantic fantasy will appreciate Guillermo del Toro’s take on the The beauty and the Beast story, courtesy of The shape of water. In this 2017 film, viewers get a glimpse of 1962 Baltimore, when a mute cleaner falls in love with a mysterious humanoid amphibian observed in a government lab.

Which makes it perhaps one of the best The beauty and the Beast stories is the film’s way of fusing both romance and valley weird. While not jaw-dropping like other Del Toro concepts, the compactness of the narrative allows both Elisa Esposito and the Amphibian Man to engage in character development without being hampered by unnecessary subplots. . Romance fans who want a unique take on the genre can definitely give The shape of water a go and finish more than satisfied.

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