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Great Comedy Movies From 2012 That Hold Up Well A Decade Later

Ever since the very first movies ever made, people have loved watching comedies and laughing. Fast forward over a hundred years, and it still is. Comedy is one of the most popular genres because it not only helps viewers relax but also has the power to transcend nations and cultures since people from different countries can find the same things amusing.

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2012 was a year rich in comedies and spawned many great films. However, some of the best comedy films of 2012 have sadly been forgotten, despite still holding up well even a decade later. Even today, anyone who watches these fantastic comedy films is going to have a fun experience.


5 Hotel Transylvania

When the first Hotel Transylvania premiered in 2012, few would have suspected that it would go on to spawn an entire series. That’s exactly what happened, because the movie is fast-paced, funny, and has lots of likable characters. He did what no other Dracula the film adaptation had the guts to do just that and presented the iconic vampire not as a monster, but as a caring father who just wants to take care of his daughter, Mavis, and his beloved hotel that serves as a haven for all. monsters hiding from humans.

Both of these things are suddenly threatened when a young human tourist visits the hotel and Dracula must keep his presence a secret from all the other guests. The film is full of gags, both visual and amusing conversation. The voice cast also includes many well-known names, but the biggest focus is on Adam Sandler as Dracula, and Sandler does a great job. Hotel Transylvania is the type of animated comedy that will appeal to both adults and children, so anyone interested in watching it can stream the film on Netflix or HBO Max.

4 Mirror Mirror

Since this version of Snow White wasn’t the only one created that year, it didn’t get as much attention as it might have deserved. It combines several genres, drama, fantasy and comedy, but, overall, it is much more light and relaxing than Snow White and the Hunter (also 2012) with Kristen Stewart playing Snow White. In Mirror Mirror, Lily Collins portrays the iconic princess of fairy tales, and she’s charming in the role. Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen doesn’t disappoint either, and each of the characters gets a chance to shine and make audiences laugh.

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The original Snow White fairy tale is a rather dark and disturbing story, but this adaptation is much more accessible and family-friendly, making it an ideal watch for anyone who loves fairy tales and comedy in one package. ! If that wasn’t enough, it’s also visually beautiful: a trait shared by many films directed by Tarsem Singh.

3 It means war!

Without being the best comedy in history, It means war! is fast and charming enough to serve its purpose and help viewers relax and laugh. It centers on two CIA agents, Tuck (Tom Hardy) and FDR (Chris Pine), who both fall in love with the same woman, Lauren Scott (Reese Witherspoon). Each has decided to conquer it, even if it means going to war against each other. That alone would cause enough trouble, but both men are still working for the CIA and another problem is looming on the horizon.

It means war! doesn’t take itself too seriously and if the audience is able to accept the idea of ​​two professional agents acting a bit like schoolboys because they like the same girl, they’re going to have fun. The story switches easily between comedy and action scenes, and all three main actors give solid performances. So much so, in fact, that it’s hard to make a choice and decide which one to cheer for – whether it’s Hardy’s Tuck or Pine’s FDR. However, the outcome of the story might come as a surprise, making it another reason why it’s worth giving this fun movie a chance.

2 vampire

Vampire movies are mostly dark and serious, even scary. just like Hotel Transylvaniayet, vampire proves that this is not always the case. The film is ideal for those who loved Krysten Ritter’s Marvel series of superheroes Jessica Jones and would like to see the actress in a lighter story. Ritter plays Stacey, who lives with her best friend Goody (Alicia Silverstone), also a vampire, in New York. When the two friends fall in love with mortal men, they decide to pursue the relationship even if it means giving up their immortal lives. However, the vampire queen Ciccerus (Sigourney Weaver) doesn’t agree with this plan, and if Stacey and Goody want to lead their lives as they want, they will have to fight for it first!

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The film is touching at times, especially in its finale, though for the most part it remains funny and upbeat. It contains more than one slightly absurd scene and the characters are far from ordinary, which makes vampire one of the most colorful vampire comedies around. Ritter and Silverstone clearly enjoy their roles, and the friendship between their characters is believable. Other actors, such as Sigourney Weaver and Malcolm McDowell, also give strong performances. vampire only has ten thousand ratings on IMDb and an average rating of 5.2, but if viewers accept the film’s style, they might enjoy it more than its rating suggests!

1 The Pirates! Gang of Misfits

When someone says “pirate comedy” most people think of Captain Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean movies. However, this underrated co-production anime film deserves attention as well. It centers on a pirate captain and his crew who plan to enter the Pirate of the Year contest. However, if they want to have a chance of winning, they will first have to face multiple obstacles and enemies. Again, the movie works for both adults and kids, meaning it’s a perfect family movie.

The pace is fast, the story surprising, the humor strong and the characters well-voiced by well-known British actors, including Hugh Grant, David Tennant, Martin Freeman and others. The Pirates! Gang of Misfits is not as well known as other animated films, but it is not for lack of quality. The movie has no major downsides and is just as fun today as it was ten years ago. It was even nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar in 2012, but ended up missing out Brave.

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