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GTA 6 Leak just previewed the main character

The leaked content apparently confirms a report Schreier posted on Bloomberg about the next episode of “GTA” in July 2022 – that one of the main characters is female and Latina. The recently leaked content builds on this, giving us this character’s first name: Lucia. In true “GTA” style, the clips show the character causing chaos in the fictional world, including robbing a restaurant, confronting the police, and then hijacking the police cruiser to launch a high-speed chase.

There’s still a slew of details about this character missing at the moment, and not all of the leaked footage is particularly interesting – unless you like seeing debug data, game code, and animation rigging. of character, that is. The leak gives fans a solid visual of the upcoming title, though it’s undoubtedly of lower quality than those with high-end gaming hardware can likely expect from the polished version of the game. .

The leak suggests that Rockstar has taken some feedback to heart and is trying to expand its iconic game to be a bit more inclusive. This is also in line with Bloomberg’s report, which quotes insiders who said the company will be careful to avoid featuring content that “hits” on game characters from marginalized groups. Of course, fans very familiar with the game may wonder how Rockstar will manage to strike a balance between maintaining the raw nature of the game while embracing a more progressive handling of its core elements.