‘Hansel & Gretel’ Helmer Tommy Wirkola, Charades Set ‘Spermageddon’


Tommy Wirkola, the famous Norwegian director of “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” and “Dead Snow”, will make his animation debut with “Spermageddon”, a humorous early-life musical.

Charades (“Mirai”, “Belle”) has embarked on the project and will represent it on international markets.

“Spermageddon” follows two narrative threads – the emerging love story between two awkward teenagers, Jens and Lisa, who have sex for the first time; and the eventful quest of Simon the Semen and his friends to reach the golden goal, the egg.

“It’s both a road movie and an epic adventure, a most incredible journey, much like Lord of the Rings. But instead of orcs and elves, our heroes have to fight with killer sperm creams and e.Coli trolls, ”Wirkola said in his director’s notes.

The project is described as being in the veins of “Sausage Party”, exploring mature content through comedy, creative animation and adult language.

An expert in weaving black humor, genre and action, Wirkola previously directed “Dead Snow” and “Dead Snow 2”, as well as the soundtrack “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” and “What Happened To Monday” . His latest film, “The Trip”, a Norwegian-language thriller starring Noomi Rapace, will be released in Norway on July 30.

“Spermageddon” is currently in development and production is expected to start by the end of the year. Animation is provided by the Norwegian animation studio Qvisten.

The film will be produced by seasoned producers Jørgen Storm Rosenberg and Kjetil Omberg at 74 Entertainment. The screenplay is written by Wirkola, Jesper Sundnes and Vegar Hoel.

“It’s fantastic to finally be able to tell this glorious story on such a magnificent scale, all in the tiny world. The origin story you could say. I look forward to this like nothing else, ”said Wirkola.

Yohann Comte, co-founder of Charades, said the company is eager to manage “Spermageddon”, “an irreverent and original project on a universal and hot theme”.

“We love anything that is unexpected and this script is hilarious, daring, at times incredibly true and yet touching,” said Comte.

Charades is a Paris-based sales, finance and production company whose eclectic roster includes “Petrov’s Flu” by Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov set to compete in Cannes; as well as “Belle,” the latest animated feature film by Oscar-nominated Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda; horror film “Host” by Rob Savage; and the Danish action thriller “Shorta”.

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