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Hello! A ‘Lilo & Stitch’ Live-Action Movie Is On The Way

Lilo & Stitch is the latest Disney animated classic to get a live-action remake.

Following the success of Aladdin and The Lion Kingthe 2002 hit is just one of 17 – yes, seventeen – live-action adaptations currently in development from Disney.

The original movie blended family comedy with sci-fi action as it told the story of Lilo, a young orphan living in Hawaii who befriends Stitch, a blue koala-like alien who is genetically engineered to cause the chaos and destruction.

Lilo & Stitch became one of Disney’s few animated hits during its barren 2000s run, earning over $273 million worldwide.

The remake will mix live-action and CGI, with Stitch rendered by CGI magic.

It is directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp, whose animation/live-action hybrid, Marcel the shod shell, recently warmed the hulls of American moviegoers.

boobies rich asian director Jon M Chu was going to direct Lilo & Stitch but had to withdraw, he is busy making the two-part adaptation of the musical Nasty.

Other upcoming Disney live-action remakes include HerculesWhite as snow, The little Mermaid and The sword in the stone.

There will also be sequels to previous live-action movies. The Lion King, Cruel, Aladdin, and The jungle Book.

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