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Here’s Which X-Men Character Incarnates Your Zodiac Sign

Mutants and geeks of the world, unite!

The Marvel comics, which have spawned countless characters, heroes and villains, are also responsible for one of the most beloved superhero teams ever created: the X-Men.

The franchise, with a massive fanbase worldwide, has ushered in blockbuster movies, comic books, action figures, TV series and more. The best part about the X-Men is that they’ve always functioned as an allegory for outcasts, those who struggle for acceptance, civil rights, and representation in a world that doesn’t understand them.

Now, with their highly anticipated introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – with one of the mutant leaders, Professor Charles Xavier played by veteran actor Patrick Stewart cast into ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ and the announcement of X-Men ’97 in the works as an animated series – mutant adventures are sure to populate our screens for many years to come!

To understand the complex characters of the X-Men universe, The Post spoke exclusively to two of the rising voices of American geekdom: Paul Florez-Taylor, known as Comic King, and Luke James, known as by Pop Media Maven. As a team, we came together to create the definitive list of Marvel characters that match astrology and the zodiac. Follow the Comic King and Luke James for all things hot in geekdom!

Find out which character matches your zodiac sign perfectly!

ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19): Cyclops

Cyclops is fiery like an Aries.

Our favorite mutant boy scout is undoubtedly an Aries: assertive, courageous and a born leader. The fate of the mutant species hangs in the balance, and this fire sign steps in to ensure the mission is accomplished at all costs. Although Cyclops is a deep leader, he can sometimes let his anger and emotions get the better of him. In Avengers vs. X-Men he was so fueled with rage over the sudden loss of the mutant population that he would do anything to revive and protect them, even harnessing the power of the Phoenix Force to stop anyone in his path. . Don’t Ask About His Dead Wife’s Clone!

TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20): Wolverine

x men zodiac
Wolverine embodies a Taurus.

Like the bull that symbolizes them, Taureans charge through any obstacle that comes their way. Should we be surprised that Wolverine is emblematic of the perseverance of this Earth Sing? Logan may be a loner, but his favorite times are when he can drink a cold beer with his chosen family. Despite being one of Marvel’s most intimidating characters (you know, with those adamantium claws and constant growls), Wolverine is very protective of his friends and allies. His stubborn yet sarcastic persona brings his Taurus demeanor to life. Can we see Hugh Jackman in the MCU, please?

GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20): Iceman

x men astrology
Iceman shivers like a Gemini.

Outgoing, quick-witted and the life of the party. Iceman’s recklessness and #YOLO mentality make him a fan favorite on any team he’s on. Iceman is very communicative with his teammates and knows that teamwork is essential to help stop any enemy. This Omega-level mutant also has a very wide combat range, being able to control every stage of water and ice and create almost any object with his molecules. Even though he has struggled with the intersectionality of his identity, as a true Air element he has a deep understanding of those around him and enjoys making everyone smile.

CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22): Colossus

x men zodiac
Colossus is both strong and tender like a Cancer.

Although physically unbeatable, at heart Colossus is an artist who struggles to rationalize the horrors of the world. When his sister died from the Legacy Virus, he joined Magneto but quickly saw the flaws in his ways. Like all Cancers, they see loss as an opportunity to reevaluate, grow, and come out stronger on the other side. Due to these difficulties, Colossus has developed a hard shell around his body (both literally and psychologically), which makes it very difficult for his high guard to penetrate.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22): Thief

X-men zodiac signs
Snape goes hard as a Lion.

Don’t mess with a Leo. They are the strongest in the room, emotionally and physically, and will sink you into your next life if you ever throw shade at them. Our favorite sassy, ​​the beautiful Southern Rogue, represents all the provocative qualities of this Fire sign: driven, passionate, and a no-prisoners mentality. Not only is she beautiful and theatrical, but she knows how to pack a punch. Never piss off a Leo (or a Rogue off), they know how to use your own abilities against you and will suck the life out of anyone who tries to steal their spotlight or their thunder. Can you imagine a family dinner at the Darkholme-Adlers?

VIRGO (AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22): Nightcrawler

Zodiac X men
Nightcrawler totally possesses Virgo energy.

A thought leader among the group, Virgo has a prodigious understanding of practical and spiritual realms and how to bring light into any situation. Nightcrawler has known conflict, and yet can remain the heart of the X-Men because he believes in the good in everyone’s mind. Nightcrawler’s loyalty to the X-Men remains unhindered. He believes in the goodness of people even when everyone doubts them. There’s a reason why on Krakoa he started and planned a revolution.


x men zodiac
Gambit is our favorite Libra.

Libras know how to have a good time. Plain and simple. Like Gambit, they walk into any room with swag and a go-hard-or-go-home attitude because they play to win. Although gregarious and party-goers, Libras are romantics at heart, and their affections center around a singular crush. Gambit is immensely charming, and he knows it, allowing him to seduce many women, even the beautiful and fearless Snape.


Zodiac X men
Emma Frost glides like a Scorpion.

Eloquent. Assertive. Dedicated. Most dismiss Emma Frost as “heartless” due to her diamond-resistant exterior; however, this is the most remote case. She is deeply sensitive and will protect her students and teammates until her last breath. That being said, she owns every room she walks into and, like a Scorpio, has unquestionable authority in any situation. Emma being on virtually no one’s side but her own makes her unpredictable, which also makes her intimidating. She is so mysterious and strategic that you will never know her next move, even if psychically she will already know yours!


Zodiac X men
Jean Grey/Phoenix ignites like a Sagittarius.

Difficult to tame, free-spirited, spontaneous and fiery. Who else but Sagittarius could embody Jean Grey? Whether launching into space as the Phoenix or leading the X-Men on Krakoa, Jean represents the limitless potential of mutantkind. The Phoenix carries the power of the gods in her hand, and with this ability she can be your greatest ally or your most formidable enemy. Don’t get on his dark side.


x men zodiac
Psylocke/Kwannon crushes him like a Capricorn.

There’s one word to describe Psylocke (and all Capricorns): iconic. We stan Betsy Braddock, but Kwannon is the scene stealer. We’re so happy to have her back in Zeb Wells’ fan-favorite Hellions series, and can’t wait to see what new chapter awaits her. Capricorns, like Psylocke, are brave souls who won’t let something as insignificant as a mind-swapping get them down. Psylocke is a skilled and strong fighter who can take on anyone and fight a fierce battle. She is able to defeat weaker spirits with her telepathy or conjure a psionic sword in any melee situation. She rises to any occasion, fearless and victorious.

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18): Magneto AND Professor X

Zodiac X men
Both Professor X and Magneto embody the energy of Aquarius.

Different ideologies but two sides of the same coin. These two warring besties both want the same thing: for mutants to prosper. They are both ideological and want to see the next generation prosper. Like Aquarius, these two mutants are community-focused and want a better future. Both are deeply intelligent and dedicated to their goals. Despite their different approaches to a better world, they will stop at nothing to improve their future, even if mutants and humanity are reunited, or just mutants.


Zodiac X men
Storm is in touch with her emotions like a Pisces.

Pisces are regal individuals who are the kings or queens of their domains. There’s a reason people revere the ground they walk on. However, it never goes to their heads. Pisces, like Storm, remain the most humble people in the room. Pisces are very passionate and rely heavily on their emotions in their daily lives. Interestingly enough, Ororo’s abilities to conjure up a whimsical gust of wind versus manifesting an entire hurricane strong enough to move continents depends on how you trigger his feelings. Pisces will fight for what they believe in and will hit you hard if you ever threaten what they love. Fingers crossed, we see Storm entering the MCU soon!

Special thanks to Paul Florez-Taylor and Luke James for collaborating with me on this article!

Comic king Paul Florez founded and hosts the Power of X-Men Podcast, a podcast dedicated to all things Marvel in comics, film, and pop culture. He previously worked at Marvel Entertainment and HarperCollins, and his writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, The Advocate, Slice Magazine, HelloGiggles, Queerty,, Burrow Press, The Liar’s League, Dead Rabbits, and Wizard Magazine.

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