House Stephenson Organizers Seek Donations For Fall Antiques Online Auction


EDWARDSVILLE – Colonel Benjamin Stephenson’s 1820 home plans to hold another online antiques and collectibles auction this fall.

The historic site has held an in-person auction for more than 15 years each October, but COVID-19 has forced organizers to cancel last year’s auction and rethink how best to keep fundraising going . Now, bidders across the region and across the country will have the opportunity to browse a variety of items from the comfort of their own homes. The auction will open in August and the auction will close on October 7.

Online bidders from outside the region will be able to have their purchases shipped, while paying shipping charges. Pickup for local winners is scheduled for October 9 at the Stephenson House, 409 S. Buchanan St., Edwardsville.

Now, organizers are asking for donations of a variety of antique and collectibles to offer for sale. The auction is online only, so the site will not be able to accommodate most of the furniture. As in previous auctions, donors can choose to donate 100% of the value of their items at home and receive a tax deduction. Donors also have the option of donating 50% of the sale price of their items and deducting the remaining percentage.

Organizers are on the lookout for small to medium sized antiques and collectibles, which include an endless variety of things, but some items sell much better than others. Top selling items include jars and bowls, pocket knives and hunting knives, old postcards and valentines, old photos and photo albums, oil paintings (not prints), comics and older Christmas items (pre-1960).

Other items include cast iron or pewter toys for older children, such as cars, trucks, airplanes, and wind-up toys, Native American items, such as arrowheads, axes, wooden objects, etc. handicrafts, including ceramics and jewelry from the southwest. Advertising items of all kinds sell well, including wooden boxes with stamped advertisements, metal signs, standards, etc. certain varieties of waste paper money, all forms of beer advertising including illuminated beer signs, and artistic pottery / ceramics from manufacturers such as Rookwood, Roseville, Hull, Van Briggle and Weller. Swords and old flintlock or percussion weapons are accepted, but the site cannot auction weapons, which require a FOID card.

The list of items that can be considered antiques and collectibles, or that appeal to auctioneers, is endless. If you have items to donate but are unsure of their relevance, call event organizers Paul Brazier at 618-830-1588, Jim Zupanci at 618-656-8752, or Sid Denny at 618- 656-9408.

Planning an online auction requires significant preparation work, so donations will not be accepted after September 1. Arrangements can be made to pick up items by contacting one of the organizers listed above.

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