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How Sony’s Madame Web Could Set Up the SpiderVerse Live

The next Madame Web Sony’s movie has already announced several cast members, but that’s about all that’s known about the film. From its plot to its villains, everything about this new entry in the Sony Spider-Man universe is extremely esoteric. According to some, however, the film is actually a cover for another Sony film entirely.

This other project, considering all the actors already announced, could be a kind of live-action equivalent to the animated film Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse. So the many heroines that have likely been “announced” as part of the film’s roster are all Spider-Women from various universes. Here’s how the movie can officially set up the SpiderVerse.

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Madame’s web movie is supposedly not a Madame’s web movie

Madame Web was announced in 2019, with Sony clearly encouraged by the success of the first Venom film. In early 2022, it was announced that Dakota Johnson would portray Madame Web, which shocked many fans considering Web is usually an older woman. The castings continued but in a mysterious way. Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Emma Roberts are a few other potential leads in the film, though their roles haven’t been specified. Fans have speculated that their characters could be Black Cat, Silver Sable, or anyone else in the SpiderVerse, which bolsters recent rumors.

According to John Campea, there are currently rumors that the production of Madame Web is actually a cover for another Sony Marvel movie entirely. That would make sense, given that Web isn’t exactly the material for the main character. Even when recast as Julia Carpenter herself, Madame Web was never more than a meandering mentor of sorts to Spider-Man. It also confirms fan theories that the plot will, to some extent, involve Madame Web summoning various Spider-People from across the multiverse. If so, then Sony seems to be trying to replicate one of its biggest recent hits with the Spider Man Licence.

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Sony Reiterates Into The SpiderVerse With Madame Web Movie

The live SpiderVerse has already been established through the events of Spider-Man: No Coming Home. This brought together three generations of cinematic Spider-Men, each from separate universes. Exploring these universes and more could be the plot of the film currently known as Madame Web, with some sort of evil threatening all the Spider-People of these worlds. More than likely, the threat would be someone like Morlun, who in the comics hunts down and preys on those with “spider totems.” By focusing on these many universes and bringing together several heroes and heroines, Madame Web could also finally answer some burning questions about the Sony Spider-Man universe.

For example, who is the Spider-Man of this world? The director of Morbius claimed it already existed, bolstering fan suspicions that said film and the two Venom the films are in the same universe as The amazing spider man movies. If yes, does Madame Web bring back Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, fulfilling fans’ growing desire for his further redemption? It would also build forward momentum for Sony’s disparate Spider-Man universe, which certainly had the wind “bitten” out of its sails after the failure of Morbius. If nothing else, be open, honest and upfront about the direction of “Madame Web‘ and the films surrounding it would give audiences something to remember and look forward to, while making it clear that Sony actually has some sort of plan.

Madame Web is currently slated for release next summer, although it is preceded by the Kraven the hunter movie in January. If Sony doesn’t do that first, maybe this movie will help establish what fans can expect from the Madame Web piece on whether it will take Sony movies live through the SpiderVerse.