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Introducing the New Video Animation Maker by Introbrand

Introbrand Video Animation Maker in Laptop Start Page

“Now animation design videos can be created in just 3 minutes without learning any animation software”

Filling a void in the digital market today, Introbrand set out to be something totally unique.

“As someone with nearly two decades of industry experience, I know how expensive and time-consuming producing animation design videos can be,” said Florian Heger, Founder and Owner of Introbrand. . “That’s why Introbrand was developed – to transform the tedious animation production line into a fully digital product, saving individuals time, money and frustration along the way.”

Intromark allows users to create design-related animated videos with their own logo and text, including animated logos, video intros and outros, tag, intro animation, logo reveal or text animation promotional. Providing customizable online templates that have been curated and designed by professional motion designers and animators, users simply select a template from the library, uploading their logo with custom color selections. No software or experience is needed to complete the process.

At the end, a free low resolution preview of the video is automatically generated, in less than 3 minutes, which the user can watch online and check for purchase. Introbrand offers different packages for video resolution purchases.

“At Introbrand, we have completely reinvented the video animation design process and developed a simple online animation creation tool,” said Heger. “Now, animation design videos can be designed in just 3 minutes without the need to hire a freelancer or motion design studio, or learn animation software. After its official launch this month , we invite all interested people to discover our new cloud-based technology solution today.”

Heger is an award-winning senior motion designer, with 18 years of professional experience in the television and commercial video industry in Europe, the United States and Latin America. Visualizing an automated solution to the tedious parts of their day-to-day work, Introbrand has officially come to fruition.

Currently, Introbrand has 1000 users, who have created more than 3000 videos from personal branding, visual branding, video branding, vlogging, blogging, entrepreneurship, YouTube, social media video, videography, graphic designers, and just anyone in need of logo animation. Mobile-friendly and accessible, Introbrand is available for people of all ages and levels of technological ability.

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About Introbrand

Founded by Florian Heger in the fall of 2017, Introbrand is a full-service technology and video start-up. Specializing in creating automated animation, Introbrand hosts a video animation creator website that allows individuals to create their own animation design for videos in less than 3 minutes without requiring any basic knowledge, skills or software downloads. Working to provide a quick fix that everyone can access for greater brand engagement with online video media today. Intromark on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

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